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Laughing at the situation you put yourself in. Fess up.

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I have fallin and I can't get up. While I was laying there I remembered an absolutely "hysterical incident".
I love the tenth floor rooms at the Crown Hotel in Myrtle Beach, tower three. The view is outstanding and they supply a coffee pot in the very nice little kitchen. Large, comfortable and plenty of beds. Great private balcony and lots of birds to go eyeball to eyeball with.
Read this while imagining your watching an older cartoon.
They have big tub/shower combinations. I had never used it as a bathtub and finally gave in. I had just bought a new product that promised lots of suds/bubbles and why not. It was a blue Dial liquid and I loaded it up. Soaked for a very long time, this is nice and why have I not done this before? It was a very smooth walled tub and the Dial made it one very slippery surface.
Time to get up and dry off. I could not stand up, it was so slick. Nothing to grab hold of, no purchase anywhere. Try and try as I may there was nothing to be done. I was, like the cartoon character spinning and slipping to the point I could not stop laughing. I had the room for a week and all I could think of is they would find me passed with a really stupid look on my face. Oh the embarrassment my family would suffer.
In a moment of clarity I grabbed the mat off the floor, barely reachable and draped it over the side of the tub. Crawled out. To this day when I think about it all I see is me swirling around the drain to the sounds of "Round and Round I go".
I have not bought Dial since.


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    I planned a camp trip last summer without checking the weather. It was beautiful during the day but about an hour after sunset the wind came and the rain came with it. 3 inches in an hour. The poor sandy soil couldn't hold my tent stakes in and we had water flowing under the floor of the tent. Everyone was worried we would get floated right down into the lake so I put on my swim trunks and waded outside to tie the tent to a tree and try to sink stakes back in where I could. We all had a good laugh about it in the morning.
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