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Alec Bradley Texas Lancero

Alec Bradley Texas Lancero

Smell on the body is a mild tobacco leaf, a bit of sweetness. On the foot I'm getting cinnamon and raisins. Very good smelling cigar. Large double cap with pig tail, beautiful milk chocolate wrapper, minimal veins, smooth oily solid cigar.

Nice medium draw before toast. On dry draw, toasty, creamy, a little brown sugar.

1st 3rd:
Strength is Mild. Mild on retro hale, VERY mild on retro hale; definitely not a tear jerk-er. I'm getting creamy espresso, cappuccino, nice coffee notes. I'm also getting a fried chip flavor, all in which have a short finish. Flavors on retro hale are chocolate & coffee, again, a short finish.

Smoke output is heavy off the foot, but light on the draw. Smoke is creamy, oily on palate. This is a rich cigar. With having such mellow notes, and being as mild as it is, the smell of the smoke is BOLD, big bold black pepper...wow! Spicy. However, that smell does not translate to the flavor at all, so it's not a pepper bomb.

It's a medium draw, and requires a nice pull or two to get the smoke flowing. It's a slow burning cigar. The burn isn't the best and didn't correct itself, so I touched it up. Solid ash, nice and round.

2nd 3rd:
Strength hasn't changed, still mild. No flavor changes, still pretty consistent with the above flavors mentioned in the 1st 3rd. However, things are picking up a bit on the retro hale. Now I'm getting some of that spice I was smelling in the burn, now anything over powering, but something worth mentioning as it was a big change from the 1st 3rd. It's a longer finish with that spice on retro hale.

Smoke output light to medium on the draw, medium off the foot. The smell of the smoke is still spicy, but it has mellowed from that initial blast from the 1st 3rd. I'm smelling coffee and grass with it now.

Draw is still at a medium, still burning slow, and maintaining a pretty solid ash. Ash held strong for a solid 3 inches and fell. Burn required another touch up.

Last 3rd:
Going into the last 3rd the strength picks up to a medium. Just getting a little buzz. A quick flavor change; the chocolate, espresso & coffee flavors are still there, and pretty consistent. Spice is gone now, and I got a bit of cherry, not sweet, just that core cherry flavor.

Flavors on retro hale are still the same; since the 2nd 3rd that finish has been longer. Over all a mild to medium strength profile, leaning more to the medium end rounding the 2nd and 3rd 3rd of the cigar...definitely a noticeable difference.

No real change in flavor, pretty consistent. Smell of the smoke is the same as last reported. Draw still a medium.

Burn was uneven and I touched it up again. Finishing up the 3rd, I'm getting a minor heat, and it's warming up; becoming a little soft, but not squishy.

Great looking stick, band looks cool, and gives that mid west vibe; ranch appeal. Medium draw all the way through that requires a little more attention for the smoke you get back on the draw. Seems like it may go out at times. This is a monster cigar, but sadly it makes me work more than I would like on the draw. A couple of small imperfections in the wrapper, but no band or glue issues.

Solid ash all the way through, no flakes at all. Flavors are decent, and consistent. Though this stick started out mild, it's like a sleeper race car; it creeps on you. This cigar finished at a medium for me, which isn't bad, but from the 1st 3rd to the last the strength kicks in boldly, so it may get you...especially on the retro hale.

All in all I nubbed it, and definitely recommend trying it out. I'll be smoking another in the future.


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    silvermousesilvermouse Posts: 19,245 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks. It would be useful to many to list the size. "Gordo" can cover a lot of ground.
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    Bob_LukenBob_Luken Posts: 10,019 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks. It would be useful to many to list the size. "Gordo" can cover a lot of ground.
    7 x 70,........... SEVEN BY SEVENTY?!!! HOOOWEEE! 
    No bigger than sixty for me please. LOL 
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    TheBrooklynWayTheBrooklynWay Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    Bob_Luken said:
    Thanks. It would be useful to many to list the size. "Gordo" can cover a lot of ground.
    7 x 70,........... SEVEN BY SEVENTY?!!! HOOOWEEE! 
    No bigger than sixty for me please. LOL 

    Yeah, this was a monster, and I don't normally do anything more than 60 either, but I had to try it. Only 70 I actually like is the Flathead 770, and that one I do every now and then. I tend to stick to the 660.
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