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I have let things slide. I apologize.

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As I stated in another thread, I basically had retired from the trades, passes and bombs scene. Well, I just got bombed and while going through some of my cigar stuff I found a shipping label from a bomb I had gotten and I remembered that I hadn't even posted a pic when I got it. Over the past several years there have been maybe a couple of packages sent to me that have gone unacknowledged due to laziness and negligence. My apologies.  I'll try to backtrack and see if I can figure out who, when and what it was and try and make up for that if possible. Your generosity was appreciated and I should have done a better job showing it.

 Also there were some from very close Vherf regulars who sent me stuff, and acknowledgments were made face to face on vherf but, I should have posted some words and photos about those anyway.


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    I'm just glad none of this applies to me. Some of you fellas cause more damage than an entire Airborne regiment.
    "Love is a dung heap, Betty and I am but a c.o.c.k. that climbs upon it to crow."
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    Always have one in the wings for you sir!
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