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Asylum Oblongata

TheBrooklynWayTheBrooklynWay Posts: 78 ✭✭✭

Asylum Oblongata


For starters, all I can see is the head due to the eye-catching wrapping that makes this cigar look like a piece of candy at first glance. Looks like a sloppy triple cap. Light cappuccino wrapper, looks a little rough, just a couple of wrapper imperfections. The cigar body is very soft, squishy like; light visible veins. I guess a semi-round box press if that registers.

I'm not getting much aroma off the body, just light tobacco. Off the foot smells like a creamy coffee and dried fruit, though the fruity aroma is subtle, yet noticeable.

The pre-toast draw is snug, upper medium. This cigar has a little more resistance than I prefer. Seems like that over humidified damp draw, however, I assure you that is not the case. Fyi I keep my cigars between 69-73%.

Flavors on the dry draw are dried fruit. I'm getting raisins & plum notes. I'm also getting cappuccino; light espresso. Very soft notes. This cigar leaves an undistinctive trace left on the lips, it's creamy but has a peculiar taste like lotion. It's very different.

1st 3rd:


Strength is mild. Flavors I'm getting is bread, dried fruit, and a very subtle sweetness, not candy sweet, more subtle like powder sugar. On the retro-hale strength is also mild; very easy on the nostrils, you can actually retro hale this stick the entire way through.

The smoke output is very heavy off the foot, while the smoke on the draw is more in the medium range. The smoke aromas a great; a stronger smell of fruit, toast, and hay. This cigar is very pleasant at this point, very smooth.

The draw remains on the snug side. It's not tight, but the best way to describe it is that draw from an over humidified cigar...almost wet like. However, this is working very well. I don't care for a snug draw, but I'm appreciating this cigar.

Solid white ash, burn line sharp and even. A nice slow burn, and again, as soft as this thing is I'm waiting for it to go out on me. I was sure this would be something I would have to relight several times during this review...so far...nice! ash holding about 2"

2nd 3rd:


Strength is still mild, and I must say I'm not mad at it. It's a smooth slow smoke with soft smooth flavors. Right now the flavors haven't changed since the 1st 3rd, cappuccino, creamy, subtle fruit sweetness. Retro hale presents the same mellow flavors as well with the same enjoyable mild strength. The only minor change in flavors via retro-hale is a slightly smokey note.

Smoke output off the foot has practically done an about-face going from heavy to very low, but I'm thinking it's due to this 3" ash It's holding on to. Smoke on the draw is still a medium. Same great aromas are there; no change. The smoke is nice on the palate, and the soft tobacco seems to create this soft enjoyable rich smoke.

The draw is the same, still on the snug side, but it isn't a negative snug draw where some would feel the need to try to correct it. So far the burn has been excellent, no attention needed at all, no double puffs as I would have expected from the softness in this tobacco.

Last 3rd:


Strength is still mild. Flavors are still the same, subtle, and light tobacco is now the predominant flavor. Retro hale is still mild, flavors pretty much the same but also has the light tobacco and the dried fruit flavors bouncing back and forth.

Just as I thought, as soon as that ash dropped the smoke came bursting back; Back to being heavy off the foot. Now heavy off the foot again, still medium smoke on the draw. Rich creamy smooth smoke on the draw. On the smoke aroma, the hay has picked up, and as crazy as this may sound the oxymoron fits perfect when I say it's a strong light aroma of fruit; It's soft but there.

The draw has loosened a bit and fell the lower medium range. The burn is excellent not needing a single touch up, nor were there any point this cigar burned unevenly...I don't think I've ever seen a cigar pretty much burn, perfect. Nice.



If you like cigars on the lighter side but carries a great smoke experience and with soft subtle notes of great tasting flavors; this is your cigar. This cigar is soft as suede and burns just as smooth.

Though very soft, like cigar getting hot, it's working well so far. The medium draw with this soft tobacco gives it that soft slow smoke I used to get when I used to keep my cigars in a higher percentage range, but without the burn issues. This is a nice slow burner.

Again, the flavors are great, Soft dried fruit, cappuccino, a little bread, and soft tobacco after taste that lingers on the palate in a pleasant way. The construction of this cigar is actually a great deal better than it looked.

This can definitely be everything from an everyday smoke to something for a beginner, it has that smooth mildness that is suitable for a beginner, but enough flavors and complexity for someone beyond a novice. Thumbs up from me! Try it, and if you have, tell me what you think.

Until next time, stay smoky; The Brooklyn Way!

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