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Muestra de Saka Exclusivo

TheBrooklynWayTheBrooklynWay Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
Muestra de Saka Exclusivo

This wrapper is rough like a dry leaf. Milk chocolate and cinnamon in color, incredibly thick veins throughout the cigar, and a triple cap. Very solid, no soft points, visible seams. Nice looking, but rough. Off the body I'm getting a light tobacco aroma; that's about it. Off the foot, there's a very light aroma of leaves, hay, and raisin; Very light aromas overall.

Great draw, loose, but enough resistance to not burn too quickly. Flavors on the dry draw are very floral and very aromatic. I'm getting potpourri intertwined with a light tobacco, and a note I can best describe in the smell of powder. It's like I have a fragrance on my palate. It's all light, soft flavors, and aromas. No pepper, no zing, a flower bomb.

1st 3rd:
Strength is medium to full which I get most from retro-hale. The flavors I'm getting is that aromatic perfume, potpourri with a very little spice tailing in the backend. It has a buttery, oily, creamy texture to it which is really good. On the finish, I'm getting a dry leaf note. Medium finish. Retro-hale is soft, but you do get that high end of medium strength there, however, not aggressive with a shorter finish. The flavors on retro-hale are in line with what you get off the draw, potpourri, floral notes with a hint of white pepper. The white pepper isn't strong but seems a bit punchy with a longer finish that seems to creep in. I believe the pepper seems more punchy due to the overall softness this cigar has been displaying. Finishing up the 1st 3rd I began getting the raisins again.

The smoke output is both heavy off the foot and draw. The smoke is very creamy. It's rich. It has a buttery texture in which you can basically feel the smoke on your palate. Finishing up the 1st 3rd the smoke off the foot has dropped to very minimal, however, still remained heavy off the draw. The aroma of the smoke doesn't deviate from anything that I have mentioned so far; a very light fragrance, potpourri. I must say this cigar smells amazing.

The draw is now at the tip of medium, and the cigar presents a solid white ash with an even burn; this cigar has a very solid ash holding up about 2 inches so far.

2nd 3rd:
The strength has fallen on this to a high mild to medium. It's not surprising with such soft notes and aromas. Not to say you couldn't have a strong cigar with floral notes, however in my experience, usually, you will get a bolder aroma with bolder peppery filled cigars. The finish is still pretty short with a longer finish solely with that white pepper. The flavors have changed a bit showing its complexity. The same floral, fragrant notes are there, but I'm getting vanilla now as well as leather. The retro-hale has gotten softer, with the same flavors.

The smoke output is now picking back up off the foot to a high medium, with the draw still producing that same rich heavy smoke it began with. The aromas of the smoke are hard to distinguish being the lightness of everything. I don't think I've ever smoked a cigar with such light everything, however, it's really good.

The draw is still at a medium, nothing has changed. Rounding up the 2nd 3rd I had to do a touch up due to the burn hitting a vein. Same solid ash, and though I had to do a minor touch-up, it's been burning excellent.

Last 3rd:
Strength is the same, high mild to medium. Flavors on draw and retro-hale are pretty much the same. The strength on retro-hale hasn't changed, still very soft and mellow. This is easily a very enjoyable cigar for all classes. Smoke output on the draw hasn't changed and is still in that mid-range off the foot. The aromas of the smoke are the same as well all but now, with the floral notes and fragrance, I smell a sweetness mixed with pepper. It's a change from the very light aromas throughout, however, still soft and mellow. Even that little pepper I'm now smelling seems subtle due to the sweet aroma I get that it's mixed with.

The draw hasn't changed, nor has the burn. The ash at its longest-held up about 3 inches.

What shall I say about this cigar first; in the most due respect as I did enjoy this cigar, it's a flower bomb. It's a very mellow cigar with soft flavors and aromas that are subtle but big; it's a complex cigar. As rough as the cigar looked in appearance it was everything but so, with everything from the aroma, flavors, and strength, down to the retro-hale being on the opposite end of that spectrum. Strength started at a high medium, tip of full, but by the end of the first 3rd to completion, it balanced to a high end of mild, tip of medium. On the flavor end, you're going to get a mix of floral notes, potpourri, very aromatic notes in the likes of perfume or powder. Same soft notes on retro-hale. Later in the smoke, the flavor transitions I got were vanilla and a bit of leather. There is a bit of white pepper throughout, but with all of the softer notes, it mellows that pepper right out.

There's a buttery texture for those of you who like an oily wrapper. That texture coats your lips throughout the duration of the smoke; it's long and covers your palate. I was a bit surprised I didn't have more burn issues than the one time I had to touch it up due to the large veins. The burn was excellent with an ash to match. Simple foot band, had no band or glue issues and no heat. Let's not forget the GREAT packaging with the wooden coffin. Two thumbs up from me! Try it, and if you have, tell me what you think.

Until next time, stay smoky; The Brooklyn Way!

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