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37 Paybacks

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A long while back, I scored a box of 50 Big Paybacks from Room 101. I loved them. Plus, the bigass box which paybacks come in has this unique inch and a quarter **** that makes it a wunnerful thing to age home rolls in. A year or so later, hearing they were about to be discontinued, I scored another box. Not the same. Hated them. The first batch, IIRC, was Connecticut wrapped. The second was a maduro wrap. I am no fan of maduros. Now and then, I have given some of these away. But I still have 37 left. I smoked one just last week and hated it. Virtually all I smoke these days is home rolls anyways; so I'd just as soon get these 37 PayBacks outta my stash, keep the box, and swap for leaf.

I'd like to swap all 37 robustos for 3 pounds of Nic Esteli seco from LeafOnly.com . Or to save a couple bucks, I'd swap for one each Nic Condega seco, viso, ligero from WholeLeafTobacco.com. I like the WholeLeaf outfit much better, but I like the Esteli better than Condega.

The box will not come with, but riders will.
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