CAO Flathead 642 Piston

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The CAO Flathead 642 piston,

from a cigar line inspired by the muscle cars of generations past. As I slid it's pantella form out of the wrapper, visions of Bel Airs and Box Novas toeing up to the line came to mind, their engines rumbling with the "rub-ta-dub-lub" broken rhythm only a lumpy cam can produce. The silver on blue band against the chocolatey dark wrapper hits the eye like the look of a well aged ragtop against chrome trim over a midnight blue metal flake paintjob.

The aroma of leather, like a lovingly cared for interior entices the nostrils, as the sweet molasses like scent makes you realize it's not the car's interior you smell, but the seat cover on the passenger side. She's a beauty in a leather jacket and the classic hotpants of the time. The gleam in her eye and the rumble of the engine assures you that you're in for a good time.

Lighting this stick is like revving to 3600RPM and dumping the clutch. Notes of moist earth and nuts hit the palette and throw you back in your seat from the g-forces, but it's the sweetness of raisins and currant that dominate with the hint of leather reminding you of that gleeful young lady in the passenger seat. First gear is winding out.

Second gear. Notes of toasted bread emerge and combine with walnut or pecan like the engine's work heating dual glasspack mufflers under the rapid acceleration. Again, you're pushed back into your seat as the woody tones of hickory and apple wood emerge. The raisins and leather of that sweet young lady is still there by your side, but it's the roar of the engine that dominates now.

Third gear. The toast, nuts and wood dominate like the engine screaming, building up to the grand finale. The lines in the road and fenceposts are nothing but a blur now as you hurtle towards the finish line. The cigar is getting a bit hot now, but that's expected at this point in the race. The stronger tones of the nuts and wood overpower the sweetness like the symphony of the engine, gearbox and road nearly drowns out the delight of the lass in the passenger seat. But make no mistake, she's still with you. You fly across the finish line, and of course, you're the winner with this cigar!

If you're looking for a full flavor cigar with a wide spectrum of flavor notes, this is it. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life. But never fear, this run will definitely last longer than a nine second quarter mile, and you always win the race and the girl at the end.


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    @Cigargandist ok, so if I order a box of these do I get a hot chick with each box purchased.  
    When I smoke a cigar I have never had fantasys of cars or women just because the Cigar is good.  Does sound like a good smoke but should I be pissed off if I purchase a box and smoke the whole thing and never have any experience with the cigar like you described, or taste toast  raisins, applewood with the essence of hot chick on my leather. I am not a fan of over embellished reviews.  
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    @TNBigfoot68 I guess that depends on what you mean by embellished. Do you simply not like the writing style? Or are you insinuating I'm lying about the flavor notes? The notes I list are there as confirmed by other reviewers, and I double check my tasting notes against other reviews to make sure I'm not too off-based.
    The reason I ask is if you've had this issue in the past, it may be your pallette and not the review that's the issue.
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    Different people, different palletes, different interpretations. 

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    Most reviewers are full of CRAPOLA. When I read a review I want the important stuff, how long did you have it before you smoked it, how did it draw, what was the burn like, and notes you detected in simple terms, is it peppery, bitter, sweet, nutty, creamy, and so forth and this you sort of did, but it seemed to be based on what you have read.  Give your opinion without knowing what others thought. Otherwise you read someone else's review that made up a bunch of stuff  and say oh yeah I taste that. I often look at reviews only when I am not sure about trying a stick or box. If I read your review I would have passed because you are overselling your opinion of th cigar. And yes I call BS. Right out of the box you said you detected "moist earth" would you even know the difference between moist and dry. Back in the day I compete in soil judging contest, all dirt when you taste it is moist, lol. Moist earth might not be a good thing if it is moist because a cow took a dump on it.  Your fantasy of driving a car with a hot chick has nothing to do with cigar, not needed.  
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    This is what the guy said he did before he started posting this stuff. I'm fine with it. Not much in terms of technical information about the stick, but not the most horrible mindless read I've ever had. Smoke on new brother!
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    I don't mind a little creative writing, I'm not beating a drum for anyone to march to.  My review of the same cigar would have been the same as @VegasFrank 's though.
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    I smokes the 660V last weekend and it was awesome. I got a hint of fruit in it and spent 2 1/2 hours on a nice even and great draw smoke. Idk if it was the rush of the road or the engine cooling down but it gave me the sweats when I went to bed but it was a great cigar.
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    That is a strong one. Eat first or drink sugary soda after to even yourself out, brother.
    I'll gladly bomb you Tuesday for an Opus today.

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    @Yakster Yeah I’ll definitely keep that in mind for next time. It’s usually tough for something to get to me but it certainly did.
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