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CAO La Traviata Divinio (Robusto)

The CAO La Traviata Divinio (Robusto) is inspired by the classic tale of true love found, lost and found again. Admired from afar, the tan and brown band with gold accents over the milk chocolate semi-oily Ecuadorian wrapper entices the eye like catching your first sight of a beautiful woman. She's alluring and inviting, but still a mystery, which makes her all the more desirable.

Act I.

Our first taste of love is anything but bittersweet. Our lady is down to earth with notes of mossy moist humus, wrapped in a hint of leather like the way her corset hugs and accentuates her form. She's a little spicy with a peppery kick, but that's just what she does to draw attention away from her sweet side. The underlying tone of light molasses or brown sugar betrays her true nature.

Act II.

Though our lady has pushed us away for unknown reasons, her earthy nature continues to hold us captivated. The mossy humus gains intensity, as does her sweetness. The brown sugar and molasses now takes on a stronger malty tone. This makes us want her all the more. In her efforts to thwart our love, she adds to her spicy peppery nature, woody notes of smoky cedar. This only amplifies our feelings for her and a jealous rage ensues. We'd do anything, fight anyone to make her ours alone again.

Act III.

Our lady is now on her death bed. Her love is ours again, but the victory of winning her back takes on a bittersweet but not unpleasant tone. Her sweetness and leather remain, but she doesn't fill that corset quite the way she used to. The spicy pepper diminishes somewhat as her smoky side now takes the stage. The milder cedar note now becomes woody and assertive, like barbecue smoke with nutty walnut tones. We must be careful not to let our love burn too hot though, because it brings out the flavors of charcoal and even iodine. No, we must nurture our love. Savor it slowly and carefully in her last moments to preserve it until the very end.

This cigar, like love itself, is a deceptively complex multifaceted thing. Let love burn too fast and hot and can quickly turn bitter and unpleasant. But nurture love with careful attention, and it can be something beautiful and rewarding right up to the very end. Everyone should enjoy a love and a cigar like this at least once in their life, and preferably more.


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    This reminds me of something....
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  • ^^^ That's what I'm trying evoke with what I do.
    It's meant to be fun, not serious.
    Too many in the cigar world take themselves too seriously
  • VegasFrankVegasFrank Posts: 14,424 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    Just promise me that you will not review any ceviche robustos or swollen cōcks...
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