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Estate Pipes Need New Homes

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I am kind of burned out on restoring pipes and probably taking a break. Got into mountain biking a few months ago for fun and my health. Between work and kids and home projects and such I just feel like it's time for a break since I don't really have time anyways lol. I have the following pipes pictured available and I am ready to make some deals for friends. Some of these are from my personal collection. I thinned out my collection a bit. All are ready to smoke on arrival. Not sure if you can click the pic and zoom in to see the sticky note and price. I am willing to do partial cash and trade. Primarily looking for sealed McClelland tins of stuff I have never tried which is many. Possibly open. To other stuff. If you see something you like message me and we will work out a deal. Seriously I'll hold or take payments or work a partial trade and maybe even lower the price on a few. You won't know unless you ask. None of these are basket pipes. Message me. I hope to send these to people I know at a good price instead of giving deals to strangers on the bay. 

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