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Oldest cigar or wrapper?

Recently bought Rocky Patel 1979. Smoked one fresh off the truck and loved. Got to thinking what is the oldest wrapper or cigar you can buy?


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    You can buy ancient cigars, if you have enough money. Pre-embargo cigars are still available. That is Cameroon cigars available with wrappers that are from the 90s. 
    Ccom has cigars from the 30s, 40s and 50s.
    Probably the best answer I can give you is, the oldest you can buy, is the oldest you can afford.
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    Seen stuff for sale from the 1800s.  Also how's it going DZR?  If you are real, and think that cigar is from 1979 I've got some bad news for you.
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    Here's part of the description from both Ccom and CI,... 
    Featuring a genuine African Cameroon wrapper first cultivated 40 years ago, Rocky Patel Vintage 1979 delivers a truly unforgettable blah blah, etc, etc........

    I suppose if it was really a forty year old wrapper leaf, they would leave out the word first in that description. Right? Because with the word first used in that way, means that they began cultivating this particular strain of tobacco forty years ago but have probably been cultivating the same strain ever since. Therefore the wrapper leaf is NOT forty years old. Right?

    But, the guy from CI is telling me that it's a forty year old leaf,...

    I don't believe he knows a damn thing about it.  

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    I imagine if the leaf were 40 years old they would say aged 40 years or something to that effect.
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    If it was 40 years old, you couldn't taste anything.  It would be so smooth you'd think it was a macanudo. 
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