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Retrohale excitement

First night where I have successfully retrohaled and enjoyed it. Each time prior it's been an overwhelming experience (flavor wise) and has made me almost sick with how overwhelming it was but was loving the flavors in my mouth. Tonight I had a Rocky Patel decade which and an incredibly loose draw, which I adored, that I followed some tips about retrohaling after much research yesterday. About half out the mouth and controlled through the nose afterwords and a medium to slow pace. Flavor of coffee for the most part with chocolate and a small amount of black cherry (very faint on that cherry). It was pure bliss and glad I didn't give up trying to get it right even though prior experiences were awful. Found out it's all about control and that carbonation sensation turns into slight flavors when you open up that nose. Thanks to everyone who has posted suggestions in past posts of other members. Cheers!


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