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RH for Drew Estate Cigars

Hi. Relatively new to cigar smoking. After buying the occasional stogie for weekend gatherings and/or holidays, I decided to invest in a humidor to hold a modest amount of smokes long term. When I bought said humidor, I bought a sample pack of Drew Estate Factory Smokes to try. Don't knock it, they were super cheap, like the starting budget!! I usually enjoy infused cigars, but would like to start moving into "real" cigars, as my buddies like to refer to them. Anyway, I was wondering what all of you Drew Estate smokers out there have found to be a good, if not perfect, RH for storing your smokes in. For now, I'll be stocking my humi with Factory Smokes and the occasional ACID until I develop my pallet a bit more. Thank you, and I look forward to enjoying any, and every, type of smoke out there with everyone here!!


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    It won't matter with those.
    Wet, dry or whatever, they will still smoke the same. ;)
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    Atmospheric pressure and crap.
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    Anywhere between 62 and 70 is fine for all "real" cigars. You can go 1 or 2 lower, but I wouldn't go higher. Best advice is to stop sweating it. Your rh is your rh. Except for aging (keep it closer to 70) and Cubans (65), it really makes little to no discernable difference unless you're Nick...who doesn't even measure his rh.

    Once you get going though, you'll find your personal sweet spot that will depend on the smokes and your smoking style. I smoke thick dark smokes and smoke them relatively quickly, so I like them drier, low 60s....
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    It's a good idea to separate the infused cigars from the non-infused. completely separate container and separate humidification device.

    Bovidas are the easiest to use humidification device. I use 60 gram, 65 Rh

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    It'll be fine once the swelling goes down.

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    Palate : the roof of the mouth, consisting of the hard palate in front and the soft palate behind: taste: relish: mental liking. Palatable: pleasant to the taste

    Pallet: a mattress or couch; properly a mattress of straw: a small mean bed

    These things neither change, nor are they interchangeable. This used to be a common tell for when we were being spoofed by @RBeckom .

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    Thanks to everyone for the advice, and the impromptu spell check!! Looks like I'm going to get some 69% boveda packs and go from there. I don't plan on keeping infused cigars in my humi, nor do I intend on smoking those much longer. I tried my first "non-****" cigar the other night, and found it much more pleasing to my PALATE. Haha. I look forward to posting/reading other posts on here, and growing as a cigar lover.
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    What is golf?

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    Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy cigars and that's close enough.

    Wylaff said:
    Atmospheric pressure and crap.
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