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Does anyone know where I can find the Caliber III hygrometer manual?

I am trying to re-calibrate my Caliber II hygrometer but I don't remember how, and the only manual I was able to find was for the Calibur IV (which you think would be the same they look identical but the instructions must be different because it isn't working).


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    I assume you’ve done the googling, etc.?

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    Just put it in a ziplock with a 69% bovada. After 24 hours, read the hygrometer. Subtract the hygrometer reading from 69 and you have the difference. Now you know how many percentage points the hygrometer is off, so when you put it in the humidor, add or subtract the one or two percentage points and you have an accurate reading. Done. Calibrated.

    by the way, I've done this with all of my digital hygrometers and they're all within three percentage points one way or the other. The only time three percentage points comes into play is when you're on the very hairy edge of upper or lower humidity levels. If that's the case, you have a problem with your box not with your hygrometer.

    Have fun brother!
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    Don’t think you can. I’ve got one.
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