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March Madness 2020

VulchorVulchor Posts: 4,848 ✭✭✭✭
Howdy Gents....

Basic rules are below pasted from years past. If you'd be in, post it here and will go from there.

Simple March Madness brackets contest that we have done here for years. Will be on yahoo sports and use their default scoring.

Buy in will be around $40 in sticks, nothing too crazy. Your choice... five (or so) 8 dollar sticks, two twenty dollar ones...whatever. We can all be reasonable here knowing that bundle budget sticks, Gurkha, most Patel's, etc shouldn't be included. Also, we all know Cubans list for $10 there---are not 10 here. Be reasonable and be generous.

Payouts will be between the top 2 participants with the winner getting the greater share.

Who ships to who will be decided upon first come to sign up.

If you are interested please reply here that you are in, and I will post the link here to sign up soon....or PM it if needed.

Any questions feel free to ask, otherwise...let's all have some fun, cause there wont be much of it in the stands lol.


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