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Newb discovery/wanted to pass along

Learning a bit more every day. Noticed my stoges were not tasting at all and some were. Same box. Not all cigars will mature at the same time. Noticed the one I picked today out of my padron 64s felt more oily. So much flavor. When picking your cigar to smoke, even from the same batch, make sure it's oily or it might make you second guess if you like the cigar.


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    @Spyk_Saturn12 said:
    When picking your cigar to smoke, even from the same batch, make sure it's oily or it might make you second guess if you like the cigar.

    In my opinion, your conclusion, and your suggestion to pick the oiliest wrappers for the best flavor, is not necessarily valid. If I understand you correctly, you're suggesting that the oiliest wrappers from a box of cigars will be the tastiest and the oily appearance is an obvious indication of ideal maturity. I do not generally experience a great deal of noticeable variations in oiliness of wrapper inside most of my cigar boxes. Or maybe it's just something I overlook. And, in my opinion, the presence of some wrappers that are oilier than others indicates an inconsistency in the wrapper leaf rather than a normal progression in the aging process. If your conclusion were correct, then we would all collectively experience the same thing and it would be a common practice to select the oiliest sticks first and expect each of the remaining sticks to eventually mature to this oily, superior condition. I don't think that is a true or applicable conclusion, but I'd like to pose the question to the rest of the forum.

    How about it guys? Are you purposefully seeking out the oiliest wrapper when you select a cigar from a box, expecting that particular cigar to be of superior flavor to the rest, and do you expect the remaining cigars will eventually mature to oily, perfection?

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    Flavor can be affected by many things. Mostly you.
    What you ate, what you drank, how you feel.
    Try and find an oily cameroon. Good luck with that.
    If the cigar is too dry, flavor can be a bit off.
    Too wet and it may have a musty flavor.
    All these things need to be considered.

    If you have a problem with flavors on an entire box, you need to be trying to determine the actual problem, whether it be humidity, where you bought them may have been storing them too dry or they weren't properly cared for.

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    Atmospheric pressure and crap.
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    I generally gravitate toward the toothier wrappers, which is the opposite. All depends on what tobacco and the country of origin imo

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    Maybe it is just me then. Maybe I just didn't let them sit long enough. Either way they are tasting much better. I was probably just too eager at first.

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    Also my discription maybe was wrong? The ones I like feel almost powdery to the touch. Does that make more sense?

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    I like a cigar that burns well and has a lot of smoke... I don’t think you can pick that up by outside appearances alone...

    I have read on some other forums that super oily dark Cubans are the better than dry pale ones ... but I smoke mostly Padrons and whatever Frank or Shizz give me.

  • Spyk_Saturn12Spyk_Saturn12 Posts: 72 ✭✭✭

    Appreciate the info. Good to know it was a bit of a crazy assumption. Had some cinnamon ginger candy and it's flattened out the taste.

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