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    That was all over my facebook and we got notices at work that if we see any, we need to notify the state Dept. of Agriculture.Cause we are close enough to where they have been confirmed in Washington, to make Oregon nervous.
    They are supposedly trying to get ahead of these and eradicate them or keep them under control.
    They can destroy a population of honey bees in hours.

    But if the crap that has gone on with this pandemic is any indication of how well our govt works, these will be common across the nation with in 5 years.

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    Atmospheric pressure and crap.
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    They say when the bees are gone, so will people

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    I hate hornets! Got attcked weedeating by a tree in the pasture on the small farm/ranch I worked at in high school. In one or two seconds I had at least 40 on my shirt, adrenaline kicked in I swiped them hurdled a 4ft fence and ran the fastest 100 yard sprint or more in my life.They were attacking the door still after I got in the house and still had about 5 or 6 on me inside my shirt, got stung over 20+ times, was so damn lucky.
    This is also part of the reason why I spray the $hit out of the property with my brew.

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    I got stung by a big red hornet that looked an awful lot like that in San Antonio TX back in 1989. I was on my Super Glide in a neighborhood when the biggest red hornet I'd ever seen came out from under a bush and stung me on my right thigh. I'd never seen a hornet like it. 2 inches long, red, and ANGRY. I can't say for sure it was the very same insect, but, damn it looked like that!

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    Got in a hornets nest when I was four. Haven’t done that **** since.


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    June gonna be like


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    Dear God, why do all of these foreign countries keep inventing deadlier stuff?

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    That is so cool. I love the way the mantis eats the head first. That ought to immobilize the ba stard... 👍

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