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Good day all. I could use some help. I have upgraded my cigar cooler from a 200 cigar cooler to a 400 cigar cooler. I can’t seem to get my humidity up past 54 and my temperature past 55. I’ve added to strip humidifiers and I have no success. I added 2 strip humidifiers and nothing has changed. I’m fairly new to the cigar world so forgive me for asking a some what stupid question. The humidor has been running for a few days. It’s so quiet that I don’t hear it at all. It does turn on and the fan kicks on right away and turns off so I know it does work. Not sure what else to do. Suggestions please


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    Hello Ralf @RALPH_MELENDEZ5 Welcome to the forum. I have a Whynter 2.5 for two years and I have been happy with it. It sounds like you just got yours. You will need to let your cedar shelves get seasoned, meaning they need to absorb moisture. It will help with stabilizing the humidity. It will take a few weeks maybe even a month or so depending where you live and the location of the humidor. Initially, before I even added cigars, I used the provided water tray and added distilled water for a couple of weeks letting the cedar absorb moisture. Now I just use several Boveda 69 packs. Also, I don’t worry so much what the hygrometer reads other than a reference to monitor fluctuations. I mostly go by how my cigars burn and smoke. At least once a week I grab a few cigars throughout my humidor and do a little sound test. With very slight pressure between my fingers I roll the cigar next to my ear. If I get just a slight crackle I’m good. If they are are spongy, too moist. I should disclaim that I like my cigars a little on dryer side. You will just have find you own sweet spot on your own. Also, you’ll find loads of info on humidification if you do a quick search here on the forum. Good luck.

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    ^^^^ 😳 that looks pretty empty

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    Running low man?

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    ^^^that 2nd one was me, just for comedic effect. :*

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    ^Godsmacked you back. ;)

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    Thank so much for the feedback/info.

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    @deadman said:
    ^^^^ 😳 that looks pretty empty

    @TX98Z28 said:
    Running low man?

    No my friends those drawers are filled. I have exactly as many cigars as I need. I do appreciate you for being concerned though.

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