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Mantello Desktop Humidor Seadoniy

Shadey81Shadey81 Posts: 4

Help, I think lol. I'm a new cigar smoker and just bought a 50 to 100 count Mantello glass top humidor. I'm beginning day 3 tomorrow of the seasoning process. I wiped it down twice and my digital hygrometer said 99! This morning I removed the hygrometer and put a wet sponge on a zip lock back and closed it without the hygrometer. I have a few cigar in a zip lock bag with a Boveda 65. It reads 65 on the nose. Am I messing up the seasoning? I have a box of Don Pepin Garcia Toro's that will be here on Thursday with other cigars and I don't want to mess them up. Any help from seasoned cigar smoker's will help.

Thank you!!



  • Shadey81Shadey81 Posts: 4

    I feel like Fred Sanford should call me a big dummy right now! Not sure why I couldn't access the multitude of knowledge here on my phone last night. Now I can. So much to read on here.

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