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Smelly cigars. Sick period or something else?

I was recently gifted a handful of cigars, and they smell... pungent. Very pungent. Very similar to a dirty hampster cage, so yes theres a slight ammonia smell. They dont look too new, so I'm thinking the so called Sick Period cant be in play here. Or can it? I put them in my small humidor and the smell spread to my cigars in there... I'm hoping it wont affect the taste. I took them all out and am letting them air out. Will probably zip lock bag them to keep the smell away from the others. Has anyone experienced this? And what can I do to rid smell?


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    May not be worth the trouble.

    The Camacho is old band late 2000s. The CI Blend Lab is also early 2010s. The Bolivar is not Cuban and can be had for $3-$4. The others are $2-$3 cigars still available today.

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    What's a "hampster"? Does it live in a Hamper?

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    A hampster is a hamster the pees a lot.

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    Did your friend that gifted the cigars also smell?

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    I've heard rumors of cigars going through a sick period, but there's lots of controversy about whether this actually happens. Having different brand cigars go through the sick period at the same time seems unlikely. Some cigars have a natural barnyard smell that's not exactly pleasant but they smoke great, kinda like stinky cheeses.

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    Not sure what could cause that smell, best guess is some kind of older storage medium, beads/kitty litter/floral foam ect. I used those at one point (silica kitty litter and beads specifically) and I swear my cigars tasted different and had some elements that turned me off. This was in wine fridgeador though. Others used the same and were perfectly happy so who knows?

    Then again, there was this one guy who ended burning me on a trade on the sister site forum (before it was shut down, many many years ago) who essentially had a "sock draw-ador" so folks storage proclivities are certainly vast...lol.

    I can tell you that contestants 1,2, and 5 are fantastic cigars IMO and may be worth airing out with some cedar sheets and a few weeks time. I'd smoke them asap after that though. Should have some long age on them.

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