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2020 CCOM Forum Top Pipe Tobacco of the Year Results

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Pipe smoking seems to be rising among the members, but is still in the minority. I decided to start a thread to tally up the top pipe tobacco blends this year just to see what would happen. We had six members participate naming thirty blends and we only had one repeat:

Watch City Cigars Rouxgaroux, a limited edition twice yearly release from a small blender released on April 1st and October 31st. I've had this and it is good. This is made in small quantities since it's a B&M blend and it involves a lot of labor to produce on a small scale.

That's the top blend of the year, let's look at top brands now. Watch City Cigar had five nominations and Ken Byron Ventures, another small, boutique blender comes in second with three.

Watch City Cigars 5
Ken Byron Ventures 3
Seattle Pipe Club 2
Samuel Gawith 2
Peter Stokkebye 2
McClelland 2
GL Pease 2
Cornell & Diehl 2

The voters were Amos_Umwhat, jsnake, NorCalR1, silvermouse, Stubble, and Vision and the random winner is: silvermouse, congratulations Edward!

Here's a list of all the blends nominated:

4th Gen 1931
C&D Autumn Evening
C&D Star of the East Flake
Esoterica Pembroke
F&T Cut Virginia Plug
G&H Rum Flake
Germain Balkan Sobranie
GLP Odyssey
GLP Stonehenge Flake
KBV Undead Scottsman
KBV Yoshi's Vizmir
KBV Zombie English
LJ Perreti Thanksgiving
McClelland Holiday Spirit
McClelland Red Flake
P&C Cavendish in the Woods
Peterson Christmas Blend
PS Luxury Bullseye Flake
PS Luxury Navy Flake
Rattray's Wallace Flake
SG 1792
SG Rum Flake
SPC Plum Pudding Special Reserve
SPC Rainier Levant
W. O. Larsen 1864
WCC Live Wire
WCC Rouxgaroux
WCC Rouxgaroux
WCC Stubb's Pipe
WCC Watch City Slices

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