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One thing I have noticed since the cold weather has set in is my cigars have lost bit of flavor. I really couldn't get the subtle nuisances that I could get in the summer. I figured since the humidity gauges have humidity and temperature it maybe was the temperature causing luck of full flavor.
I store and smoke in my studio. The studio is hard to heat being 2000 sq ft with ten foot ceilings and five 3x5 ft windows. I have a ceiling hung radiant propane tube heater and my wood stove but it is usually 45 degrees inside when I go up in the AM. That means my cigars are 45 degrees.
What to do? I settled on using a 32" high 3 ft long by 2 ft wide metal tube cart I had been using to store lathe tools and lathe chucks. I found other places for my tools, removed a bottom shelve and bored 24 1 1/12" holes in the wood top. I placed three wood humidors and a couple of tupperdors on 3/4 by 3/4 by 3' runners on the top of the cart. The runners keep the cigar boxes off the top a little so the warm air can circulate. I tried using a lamp underneath for a heat source but it was too hot. I finally settled on using a small oil filled heater that fit just right with plenty of head room. Last thing I want to do is burn up all my cigars at once. I stapled a 2 ft strip of plastic sheeting around the cart to channel the heat. I then covered the cigars with a old quilt and set the heater on low. In three days all the gauges were reading 65 degrees at 68 percent humidity.
I could tell the difference in the cigars right away. I figure the aging process was also slowed down by the cold so that got fixed too.
So, if your cigars are being stored cold consider warming them up.


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