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why are some of my cigars splitting and cracking as I smoke them?

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Hi guys, new to this forum. I need some advice. I've been a BOTL for over 6 months, have a large (over 500) collection of sticks. Am having problems while smoking some of these. When I take the stick out of the cello it appears fine, not spongy, few if any soft spots. After a short period of time the lit cigar begins splitting and cracking. Wrappers are failing. I live in Florida, house is kept at 73 degrees full time. I'm using Boveda packs and Sensorpush hygrometers in all my humidors. All boxes are kept between 70-74 degrees and 66-75% humidity on average. Humidors have all been seasoned using distilled water in a bowl set in the box for at least 48 hrs. Is the cracking problem due to smoking these sticks in a high humidity environment (Florida outdoors)? Should i take them out of the humi to rest outdoors (in garage)? Please advise.

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    And you might be smoking a little faster than the stick can handle. Combustion of tobacco releases the moisture in it at the bottom of the cherry under the wrapper. Too much combustion at once will make the cherry bigger, resulting in more humidity released, causing the cigar to expand, bulging the wrapper and eventually popping it apart. If it's a little swollen up by the cherry, slow down a little and see what happens.

    I've found that Connecticut shade and Cameroon are suceptible to this, while thicker wrappers like broadleaf and San Andres are a little more sturdy.

    I'll help you choose....


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