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HC Maduro Black

I'm still thinking about sending these back but it's cold outside and they're good when you don't want to risk a good stick when it might be too cold to enjoy a full premium stick.
I got them on sale here at Cigar.com thinking they were the HC Maduro, which are super. But these ain't the Maduro, they are the Maduro Black.
The wrapper on these is rough and goofy and the cap is sometimes not professionally done.
Sometimes the draw is too tight and doesn't fix with an easy roll between the thumb and forefinger.
!But! the tobacco is good and tasty and puts out a lot of smoke (if the cap isn't so beshat it lets in air if you don't hold your lips right). SO, for the money, the cigar is okay for when you don't want to risk a good stick in the raw cold air.
If they were just a little bit better on the construction, I'd say, buy these at cheap, not full.

I suppose this is damning with faint praise... The other HC sticks (not the HC Black) are as good as any premium.




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    Sounds like you could also be describing a padron 3000. I put little stock in how it looks.

    Glad you found something good. The Corojo and maduro blends are also pretty good for the price

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