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Man O' War Side Projects Little Devil

Picked these up on a special and got them today. It's definitely a "Firecracker" as someone described. If spurts of pepper is what you like, this is the stick from AJ. Right from the dry draw, toasting and lighting I noticed the pepper, not a black pepper, more a Cyan red pepper. It then settled to more traditional AJ Man O' War with wood, leather and some nice sweet nuttiness, about the time I was enjoying that...boom...another blast of pepper during my retro exhale, which would have brought a tear to a glass eye. The finish was more refined to wood (cedar), leather and nuts with a good burn, nice construction and about a 30-40 min. cigar Not for everybody, but for those looking for a occasional blast of pepper, this might be for you.

"Just a guy controlling climate in a box"


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