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Does this sound believable?

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They're saying that Corojo is only grown in Honduras and Kentucky. Why would cuba stop growing it? Losing faith in the wiki.


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    Not sure I buy that.

    LeafOnly: Our Ecuadorian Corojo is grown in the Quevedo region of Ecuador. It is grown from Corojo seed similar to the Habano 2000 but grown and picked in a way to enhance its strength. This wrapper is dark chocolate brown in color and offers an aromatic taste.


    Developed in 1930s by Diego Rodriguez
    Derived from the Criollo seed through selective breeding
    Named after its birthplace, the farm Santa Ines del Corojo in > the Vuelta Abajo region
    Premiere wrapper for Cuban Cigars until 1990s
    Primarily grown under shade for wrappers
    Weakness: still susceptible to Blue-Mold, Black Shank, and > other Tobacco ravaging diseases
    Produces 8 to 9 pairs of leaves
    Praised for its dark brown (colorado) color, uniformity, thin veins

    Cigar.com sells at least one Dominican Corojo: Cusano 18 Corojo Dominicano

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    Hey, you gonna eat the rest of that corndog?
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    Pretty sure Aganorsa is known for its corojo.

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    Here is the footnote information for that page. Part of the problem for sure.

    Then there's this:

    Don't look ↑
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    It sounds believable.

    I'm sure some of the info is wrong. I'm pretty sure it's not exclusively grown in Honduras and western Kentucky but,......

    What else sounds unbelievable?

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    I get my corojo filler from WholeLeafTobacco, who claim it comes from the Dominican Republic, on good old Hispaniola.

    I get my corojo wrapper from the same supplier. They even specify that it grows in the Cibao Valley of the DR.

    Used to have some corojo wrapper from Ecuador... here's a pic:

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    That's unbelievable! ;-)

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