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Illusione 2021 TAA Cigares Prive

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Starting a thread for thoughts on the Illusione 2021 TAA Cigares Prive. This marks the first cigar that Illusione has made a TAA release and is a 6 3/4" x 52 Nicaragua puro box pressed toro.

This cigar predominantly gives light floral notes that I'm having trouble pinning down. The initial light instead of giving a pepper blast like some cigars gave a light floral blast of flavor which settles down in the first third. There were some variations in flavor but not distinct flavor transitions that I could pin down. I did smoke this outside with a light breeze and a touch up was required, I enjoyed this cigar.

I found one review for this cigar, looks like I left a lot of notes on the table with this one, it's amazing what this reviewer picked up from this cigar. https://thecigarauthority.com/illusione-taa-exclusive-2021-cigar-review/

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    The floral note reminded me a lot of the Rothschild. This was probably one of the mildest tasting (still a good kick in there) sticks he's ever released, but I enjoyed it a lot as well. For as mild as the stick tasted, I did note the retrohale was surprisingly spicy.

    I've mentioned before that I don't think the Rothschild ages very well because of that same note. It's going to be interesting seeing how these age since there is a lot more body behind them.

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