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Noob reviews- Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane

Smoug420Smoug420 Posts: 61

Upon opening the package the smell is intoxicating deep rich vanilla almost to the point of being custard and slightly Carmel smell is 10/10

The tobacco I received came in a little wet so I let it sit for 30 mins before I packed it

The first half of the bowl was very mild and sweet vanilla the second half leaned even more into almost a grassy sweetness with hints of cherry a very light smooth smoke I didn't get any Carmel though

The room note was almost like a sugar cookie very vanilla like but not overpowering it is a tobacco blend that I would smoke at a party or out in public and not have to worry about people complaining of the smell

Overall this is a very good aromatic blend in my opinion and I will order some more in the future.



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