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Noob reviews- CAO Moontrance

Smoug420Smoug420 Posts: 61

The aroma is a strong Bourbon vanilla mixed with a fruit note but it smells sour kind of like a lime, or a pineapple a slight bit of coco very unique smell

The tobacco is just the right moisture to be smoked right out of the can

The first and second half of the bowl was beyond subpar. The tobacco taste and flavor was meh and the topping taste is an even subtle-er flavor

The room note is pleasant and to my nose carries vanilla and stone fruit

Overall extremely dissatisfied with the tin. I'm use to aromatics not tasting like the room note or the tin but for the tobacco to be so low quality and tasteless is unforgivable for the price.

I know CAO makes flavored cigars as well and the general consensus is the Moontrance cigars are actually ok and have much more flavor.

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