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From an OG - something for Cohiba lovers/collectors

If you want the deets - skip the 2 paragraphs below for my Cohiba boxes offer.

Hi everybody - I apologize in advance if I am not following the current protocols here! I have not been active in the forums for YEARS. So long that when I logged in, the interface was completely new to me and I got a bunch of badges, including one that said it has been 10+ years since I joined, but who's counting! I guess that makes me an OG? Time truly flies.

Longer story short - I got out of the hobby years ago, as I started my family life, etc. However, I still enjoyed lurking in the community and when it time came for me to dissolve my collection - everyone helped me and bought my cigars, humis, everything. It was an emotional moment for me because, honestly, I had not been part of supportive community like this one before.

So why am I posting now. Well, I found these 2 EMPTY beauties (pictured below) stashed somewhere I had completely forgotten about. (FYI - my father-in-law owns a cigar bar so hence how I still get some occasional things) They are brand new, unused, and wrapped in cello. NO CIGARS included - that'd be crazy. I think they make great gifts and are also great collector items. However, my wife disagrees and is asking me to declutter them or donate to Goodwill. This, of course, didn't make sense to me so I want to find them a much better home, where they will be put/kept to good use.

My offer - just pay whatever you decide - as long as it covers the shipping, I don't care. I want to rehome these lacquered beauties. I am doing this on a first come first serve basis since I'm not looking to bargain/make money. However, if there are more interested people that care about these - I would split them between the first 2 people - however you guys decide. Keep me posted - [email protected]

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