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Cheap Stick Shootout 2 Cigar Review Video

image This is the 2nd Cheap Stick Shootout – today we have the Thompson Empresario Maduro Churchill vs. the Perfect Cut Corona Tubos. The Empresario comes in at 7×48, the Perfect Cut at 5.5×42. Both are a mild-medium cigar, the Empresario being a traditional long filler handmade, the Perfect Cut a machine made short filler. Draw and burn on both were very good, the Empresario being on the tight side, the Perfect cut on the loose side. Burn time was 50 min and 30 min respectively, where they both became hot for my taste and I ended them. Flavor wise they are completely different. The Empresario gave a little bit of complexity, showing a light leather with slight sweetness and touch of pepper during the first 2 thirds. The last third it switched to a very creamy coffee flavor with a long lasting finish. The Perfect cut started with a very mild grassy taste, and bringing a mild wood in the 2nd third. The last third it changed to a very hot pepper, dominating the flavors both on the draw and finish. http://cigarobsession.com/2009/11/30/cheap-stick-shootout-2-cigar-review/
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