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I have an 05 Colorado that is now a secondary vehicle. It doesn’t see much use anymore. How do you guys store your vehicles safe from the elements? My truck has a water leakage issue so I have to keep it covered for when it rains. I use to use a giant car cover but I hate them so much because it turns into a project uncovering and covering it when I goto drive it. I found a heavy duty truck bed cover that I lay overtop of the roof and windshield. Today I notice there’s half an inch of water on the floor board and condensation on the windows, dripping on the dash. Water is coming from somewhere even with the roof covered and it’s just out of control now. I have a big bucket of damprid I always keep inside too.

I need ideas on a better way to keep this vehicle protected from mainly water. Garage isn’t an option, I don’t feel like spending a grand on a car port, I hate giant bulky car covers.


  • Sethbanks711Sethbanks711 Posts: 254 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I ended up storing my vehicle in a 10x30 storage unit for about a year when I was in the military. It was only like 28$ a month.

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    If flex seal never leaks, why don't they just make the whole boat out of it?

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    And get a UV light and figure out where the hell the leak is coming from

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    Boat storage facilities are usually fenced in and with a covered roof but not enclosed. A stall intended for small, trailered boats might be cheaper than a typical enclosed storage unit.

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    a tarp with weights on it, easy to throw it into the bed or on the ground, the weights will keep it from blowing around (iron window sash weights work well for me to keep the wood pile covered and dry) easier than a truck cover.

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