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Questions about having both your Texas tobacco retailer permit and distributor permit...

Hey Guys,

Just curious if there is anyone in here that has both the retail and distributor permit? I currently have my tobacco retailer permit but I am applying for the distributor permit as well. The Texas comptroller reached out to me and wanted to come do a walk through.

Well, the reason I wanted to get my distribution permit was this would enable me to take out the middle man of purchasing my cigars to sell, by being able to go directly to the manufacture and opening a direct account with them (AF, Drew Estate, etc...). This of course would enable me to purchase cigars for cheaper and sell them cheaper. I was just curious if anyone has both licenses on this board, have some questions to follow. Thank you for your time, much appreciated!


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    Everyone here is just a consumer. Good luck, its a tough, competitive market.

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