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Never heard of this before. Could this possibly help a newbie? Gimmick or are they for real? I'm probably smoking or relighting too fast or too often. Or perhaps, I'm not adequately drying my tobacco prior to lighting up. I tend to get a little moisture build up in the tenon area (I think this is the location??) when I enjoy a longer session (60+ minutes) and usually towards the end (last 10 or so minutes).

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    I've never used them, just keep a pipe cleaner handy. Mid smoke, run it from the bit into the stummel. Do not remove the stem from the pipe when hot/warm.

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    This is where Peterson's System Pipes shine. Built in reservoir for the moisture, and it's OK to pull the stem while hot. Army Mount stems can also be pulled while hot, but no reservoir. Won't hurt a thing. Whereas a regular pipe will lose its ability to retain the stem resulting in the bowl falling off at random times.

    A lot also depends on the tobacco. Lane 1-Q will remain sopping wet while smoking no matter what drying technique is applied. I finally gave it up, for a long time it was just about my only aromatic.

    I don't know anything about smoking stones, except for the ones we stuck joints in back in High School. Haven't seen one of those for about 50 years. Do they still make them?

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