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Can someone PLEASE help me identify this humidor??

Kewe_1983Kewe_1983 Posts: 1

I have been searching for this particular humidor for 3 days now, with no luck. Can anyone help me?? This is part of the description..
."This beautiful, hand-carved humidor is made of fine wood with a genuine cedar interior. It has brass hinges and a brass lock and key, durable cedar walls, and a reliable humidification system that guarantees your humidor will perform reliably and for a long time to come.  It also has a cedar tray that sits above to separate your cigars from your cigar cutters, matches and lighters."
It has the Quality Importers logo on the bottom of it. I'm attaching the 3 photos I have of it. Thank you in advance to any and everyone that helps! I hope everyone stays safe and has a wickedly awesome weekend!


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