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R.I.P Tess

Well, I'm sad to say that this morning our 17 year old Chihuahua named Tess passed away. She lived a good long life and was a feisty little thing right up to the end, but it was a very hard day for my wife who has had her since she was a pup.
She became very weak suddenly yesterday and was unable to stand. My wife was giving her water with a syringe all day and trying to get her to eat. Last night when I got home from work around 4:30 a.m. she was back up walking around and I even got her to drink some water and eat a tiny bite of chicken. Sadly I guess this was her last effort because after her snack she curled up in her blanket on the floor just before I went to bed and that is where my wife found her this morning. My wife washed and dried her favorite blanket and I wrapper her in it so she could take her down to my parents house on the lake today and lay her to rest. I'll post a pic of her later when I get home.


  • YankeeManYankeeMan Posts: 2,373 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sorry for your loss. We just had to put down one of our cats who was 19 years old. It feels like you lost one of your family. My sympathy goes out to you and your wife.
  • cabinetmakercabinetmaker Posts: 2,561
    Sorry to hear about that, but it sounds like she had a wonderful life.
  • bbc020bbc020 Posts: 1,422
    Sorry to hear about your family's loss. It's always tough to lose a family pet.
  • jsnakejsnake Kansas CityPosts: 5,800 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about Tess.
  • Damn, man....

    Sorry to hear it.
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that... It sounds like she died being loved and cherished
  • stephen_hannibalstephen_hannibal Posts: 4,317
    Sorry for your loss....
  • Hawk55Hawk55 Posts: 846
    Sorry for your loss Freak.
  • betasynnbetasynn Posts: 1,249
    I think that judging on the way Tess went, curled up in a blanket, asleep, she was at peace, in large part because of you guys. You obviously cared for her greatly, and I'm sorry for your loss.
  • Garen BGaren B Posts: 977
    Sorry for your loss Puro, I remember when my childhood dog died, it felt like I lost a family member. My heart goes out to you buddy.
  • PuroFreakPuroFreak Posts: 4,132
    Thanks to everyone for your kind words. It is like losing a family member and it's been the hardest on my wife. I'm just thankful my son is too young to know what happened. Thanks again everyone.
  • kingjk729kingjk729 Posts: 2,580 ✭✭✭
    So sorry Puro ....... i dread that day with my dog Sarge ........ he will be 12 in february and he has been mine since he was 6 weeks ............ i know that i,'ll be devastated. Iam so srry again for yours and your wifes loss.
  • gmill880gmill880 Posts: 5,947
    Dang Jason I am so sorry for the loss of Tess , she was obviously loved very much and I know you guys will miss her ... Pets truly are a part of your family , wishing you and your wife the best .
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,219 ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that man.
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