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i got a good old tv. aint nothing fancy (no flat screen or lcd or anything) and we have a tree house out back. i really wanna run an extension cord back there for my tv and xbox 360 (i know im a nerd) so i can enjoy a nice cigar while i play! would the tv last out there? it is just a plain jane treehous (tin roof and open holes for windows). Thanks guys!


  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    I'd think as long as it is safe from weather (rain/snow) and vermin, it should be ok.
  • Cooper33Cooper33 Posts: 168
    I've seen a lot of tv's stuck out on patios etc that have held up a long time, but I'd make sure to always turn it on with a remote..
  • Dustin1981Dustin1981 Posts: 412
    The main thing is to protect it from the weather. With open windows you should make sure to keep the tv up off the floor and get some plastic sheeting to cover the tv when you arent using it. I have had a tv on my deck for the past few summers and it still works great. I just got some thick painters plastic sheets to wrap the tv and bungee corded it to protect from weather and animals.
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