New to this concept and Collecting

I am reading these posts and am in Awe of the praise and the Concept of this, But im not sure how or what to do to get involved as my collection is just getting started. I have placed an Order with ,should arrive today, and am expecting Santa may Bless me with a few more sticks to play with. I would love some insight or some starters to get me involved. I used to collect Beer cans and a couple other things that involved trading and gifting and had a blast and made some great friends, recieved and sent some good stuff. Just some thoughts I am Loving Learning annd Meeting new People here. Happy Smokin Ozzie


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    I'm a cigar noob also, so not sure how much advice I can give. You already said you would get a humi soon, and then my best advice is to take care of the RH and temp. I buy alot of daily deals and samplers to try to get a feel for what I like. After just a few weeks I'm pretty sure I like most maduros and i'm not so high on most connecticuts .I've also jumped on a few great deals for 20+ cigars only to find out I really didn't care for what I got..

    The hardest part when you first start out is building up your stock and letting your cigars age or at least rest. If you order a few multiples of everything you can smoke one after you first get it, then let the others rest awhile..who knows you may not like it right off the bat, but with some rest you might love it..I'd recommend keeping a spreadsheet of your smokes.

    Once you have some inventory built up you can start looking to trade. I'm not sure if you are on the good traders list or not, but if you aren't I think the standard protocol is find someone who is willing to make a trade, then they wait till they get your cigars and send you some themselves. Then you are on the trader list and can play some games. I really wish I had gotten on that list before the holiday pass, but oh well :).
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    Hey Oz

    Coop said it pretty well... Once you start buying sticks in bulk (the Daily Deals are a great way to do this), you'll end up with extras and can start trading em out. Collecting is just up to you and how much you want to buy... I have around 60 sticks in my humi, others have thousands. Once you get your stock built up and are looking to trade, hit me up if you want. We can do a local trade (avoid the shipping charges), and that way you can get on the Good Traders list.
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    Great Idea Hays ! I am already building some Stock! LOL Loving it. Ill stay in touch , Thanks Ozzie
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    OZ if you want some Mich flavor you can always hit me up too. I would be down with trading. How's the humidor coming along?
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