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Coffee bully beat me up

Usaf06Usaf06 FloridaPosts: 8,992 ✭✭✭✭✭
Told Peter yesterday I needed to order coffee and he says, "Oh good,I already shipped you some". Well bam!! Thank you Mr Coffee
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  • ExpendableYouthExpendableYouth Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 2,099 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sweet coffee bomb Peter!
  • PatrickbrickPatrickbrick Lake Zurich IlPosts: 6,230 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Peter has the shining.
    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give".  Winston Churchill.
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  • peter4jcpeter4jc Milwaukee, WIPosts: 9,970 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2017
    St. Nick is always a worth target.  And besides, the coffee is for his wife.  :smiley:

    Let me know how you like that Casa Turrent; I say Saka is right.
    "I could've had a Mi Querida!"   Nick Bardis
  • bert873bert873 Jackson, MOPosts: 2,555 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Nicely done Peter!
  • dirtdudedirtdude Green ValleyPosts: 5,144 ✭✭✭✭✭
    That coffee bully is full of beans
    A little dirt never hurt
  • Sketch6995Sketch6995 Grand Junction Co.Posts: 4,531 ✭✭✭✭✭
    That Guatemala coffee is the bomb.  Idk what Saka says about the Casa Turrent.
    Good hit
    The higher.......the fewer.  ( Alexander Rozhenko)

     What you can't forgive......you will become.
  • peter4jcpeter4jc Milwaukee, WIPosts: 9,970 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Saka says they're good.  I'd throw my hat in and agree, but then you'd have to go buy 3 boxes.
    "I could've had a Mi Querida!"   Nick Bardis
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