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Another boveda question.......

KR1KR1 Posts: 9
I'm currently using my 15ct humidor and just purchased two 69% boveda packs. I was wondering if it's ok to place the packs on top of one another? I know I can place them on top of the cigars, but it dosent look as nice lol. Thanks in advance.


  • gdsim1gdsim1 Posts: 213
    You could put them side by side under your cigars so you dont have to see them at all, but yeah - you should be able to stack them if you want to with no ill effects.

  • I would put them on opposite sides of the humidor to even out the hydration.
  • KR1KR1 Posts: 9
    Went ahead and placed one on the bottom and one on top on opposite ends. Just didn't feel right stacking them on top of one another. I'm weird like that. Thanks for the advice.
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