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back in Iraq

Greeting and salutations, How's everyone doing back in the states? Well im stuck here in Iraq again for the second time. Representing the USAF. I was just wondering how do i try to get some cigars out here. thats one of are favorite pass times for some of us out here, and it's kind of hard to get some good cigars out here. any suggestions. we would really appreciate any help.



SSgt. Garza, Anthony


  • Where are you at over there?
  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    and where are you from over here?

    Also, it's not hard to get good cigars over there at all. I just returned from Iraq in June and CCOM delivers there all the time as do many other online retailers (although I wouldn't use anyone else). No problems.

    I'm sure that the generosity of many members here will help out some as well and as a member of the military, I appreciate the support, but many people seem to expect it and I don't think that is right. Just my 2 cents.

    Now with that said. I will start putting together a little package together for you all. Just PM me your address. If anyone else would like to contribute, I can put it all together and take care of the shipping and customs stuff if everyone wants. Just send me the stuff to send over if you would prefer it that way.
  • I'm from California, as far as my location all i can say is that im in Baghdad...thats all im allowed to say for security reasons.
  • Baghdad...you should be able to find plenty of cigars there. It's like the Wal-mart of Iraq at the bases in Baghdad. You could also order whatever you want off the net and still be able to keep them pretty well. I used a travel humidor with a couple of cedar sheets and some water pillows.
  • I, and a bunch of other guys here in Afghanistan, have had no problems ordering them and getting them delivered. Just don't do like I did and order too many. Time flies by too fast and I will not have a chance to smoke them all. Lucky guys here will be getting my leftovers to smoke at their leisure while I am back home enjoying my time with the family and getting more cigars. Stay safe up there, and hope you don't have to come down here.
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