A Hearty Thank You

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To my friends, customers and just plain old BOTL I would like to be the first to wish you a happy new year. 2010 was a tough year for the cigar loving crowd with taxes, smoking bans and what seems like a never ending struggling economy but I cant tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you have done for Cigar.com or the cigar industry in general with your continued support. I am convinced that no matter what, cigars will always be the one affordable luxury in life. The folks that print our catalog asked me a month or so ago for the definition of a "cigar". Immediately I said, "A cigar is something as complex as a celebration or as simple as the time we take for ourselves within the confines of our busy lives. It has the power to seemingly stop time all together. It brings together friends or even those we may have never met." The person kind of stared at me blankly so I quickly followed up with "well it is also a blend of premium tobaccos blended together and rolled by hand for the purpose of smoking." After they left I had to laugh. My first response (and gut response) was frankly the correct one in my eyes but seemed to roll off the tongue as naturally as getting out of bed in the morning. What I love is that it is my fellow cigar enthusiasts and BOTL on this forum that taught me what cigars really are, what this culture means and a cigar's uniquely profound impact on life in general. Somehow, with every passing year I seem to embrace this idea more and more with very little conscious thought (and being marred to a psychologist, I can assure you unconscious thought is a regular topic in our household LOL). I guess what I am trying to say is more than just a thank you for your continued business which of course is greatly appreciated. That said, thank from all of us at Cigar.com for letting us be a part of such important moments in your life. Be it your everyday smoke to "seemingly stop time" or that special cigar that has been patiently aging in your humidor, waiting for the special occasion that justifies its long awaited bliss. Earning a living is a great, but sharing in such amazing moments with our customers is absolutely priceless. We look forward to being at your service in 2011.


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    Happy New Year to you to BRO. It is a beautiful thing in the fraternity we cigar and pipe smokers have these hobbies make most people connect like they have known each other there hole life at there first meeting may we all enjoy many more cigars and pipes in the year to come!!
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    And a big THANK YOU to you and everyone at ccom for everything you do for us during the year. I hope you and everyone at ccom has a Happy New Year!!!!
  • Thank you Alex and all the folks at Ccom. I'm in only a few months now but I'm glad I found a nice place to hang. We have a great group of people al the way around. Happy Healthy New Year to all at Ccom and the rest of the gang on the forums. Mike
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    Thanks Alex and the crew at ccom for your continued wealth of knowledge and help!

    Happy new year to all of the BOTL and may 2011 bring many great times with our friends and family!

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    I've been buying from CCOM for about a year now and have only been on the forums for about 15 days. All I can say is WOW, I think its pretty "stand up" for you to get on here on New Years eve and send a shout out to everyone. I for one would like to thank you for your dedication and I look forward to CCOM and the new year. Take care and God Bless.
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    Happy New Year Alex and CCOM !
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    Happy New Year Alex, and Thank you for all that you do for us BOTL that pay us all in the greatness of the Moment and most of the time rarley know it.!
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    Well said, Alex and a very Happy New Year to you and all the staff at ccom.
  • Awesome post, Alex. Happy New Year and 2011 is going to be full of amazing cigars!
  • xIcedGuardianx:
    Awesome post, Alex. Happy New Year and 2011 is going to be full of amazing cigars!

    +1 and thank you Alex and the Ccom staff for all the great things you do. I'm just starting to really get into cigars and am thankful for a place where I can not only get great prices and quality cigars, but have confidence in the company and the community it has helped create. Happy New Years to you, all the Ccom staff, and everyone here in the community!
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    Happy new year Alex and all of my BOTL's on the forum. Fraternity is a good word to describe it and I frequently find myself getting a little emotional when speaking about my extended family here. I couldn't wish or imagine a better group of awesome guys how so readily trade, bomb, destroy :), offer advice and thoughts on everything from cigars and pipes to beer and women. May 2011 be the best one yet!
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    Fraternity is a great word to describe it. Thanks for the Brotherhood. Thanks for the company that continues to bring us together and thanks for making Ccom a great place to communicate.
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    "A cigar is something as complex as a celebration or as simple as the time we take for ourselves within the confines of our busy lives. It has the power to seemingly stop time all together. It brings together friends or even those we may have never met." /////these shared moments, with others or oneself are exactly why I partake and this is exactly what I was trying to explain to some new 'friends' at a New Year's Eve party last evening; guess it worked as they joined me to celebrate the moment, forever creating an event in their minds, unfortunatly they torched only the first 3rd of my very mild offering...which was a tad disappointing, yet shouldn't be viewed that way, as I believe they were exposed to these 'feelings' which you so nicely described above Alex! I hope that this year provides more of what you need and less of what you don't...Happy New Year everyone!
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    Happy New Year Alex!
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    Thank You Alex and com Happy New Year
  • FourtotheflushFourtotheflush Posts: 2,555
    Thanks for the happy new year, and ditto to you and yours,
    But I have a suggested new years resolution for you - Page Breaks -

    Theyre pretty easy to figure out and you could just assign it to one of Tims Lackeys to do it for you!

    Happy New Year.
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    Happy New Year to all of you at Ccom. Keep up the great work!
    Guns don't kill people, Daddies with pretty daughters do…..
  • lilwing88:
    Happy New Year to all of you at Ccom. Keep up the great work!
    Yeah, what lilwing said :)
  • this is what sets cigar.com apart the head man is on the forums wishing all of us happy new years and he is always on here checking up, gives it a totally different feeling and this is one of the big reason why i will continue to use cigar.com. Happy new years everyone.
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    Happy New Years Alex
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    Happy New Year to you Alex and the rest of the ccom crew....and a big thank you! Looking forward to 2011 with my fellow BORKS!!
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    Happy new years to you also Alex, and thanks for some great deals in 2010!
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    I would like to join those wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperus New Year! I would also like to thank the Cigar.com staff for the great products, prices and terrific customer service. Best Regards, John
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    Thank you Alex. I wish everybody here and all of the CCOM staff a happy new year and wish you all the best throughout the new year!
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    This company has made my life more enjoyable. Thank you and happy new year.
    Light 'em up.
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    A message like that is more appreciated when it comes from the heart. that is what makes ccom stand out from the rest. i know that it is your job, but thank you for caring. god bless
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    Thanks a ton Alex. This forum is a wonderfull place and made even better by your insite, honesty, and info on upcoming releases. Can't wait to see what the year brings.
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    Happy New Year to you Alex. Thanks for everything you do in the industry and for us on the forum. Cheers.
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