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Humidor, inside a humidor

rad1964rad1964 Posts: 190 ✭✭
Ok, here's a very newbie question, I must assume:

Since it is "HIGHLY" recommended on many threads here at Cigar.com and other sites, blogs etc.. that one should use a separate humidor, or even a ice-chest or Tupperware for the flavored ones.

Eyeing my first bought humidor with a *laugh* 75-100 capacity... I realize if I proceed with this 'hobby' of mine (and yours), that I must have a larger humidor, one capable of holding a box or 4 of my 'favorite' bought often cigars and able to store 100-150 singles and maybe even a couple limited edition sets.

So, I think I am leaning towards a larger cabinet and I am not one to be cheap when quality is a must. I am a former chef! But with a larger cabinet purchase I don't want to store my Drew Estates elsewhere.

I was wondering if anyone puts their flavored cigars inside a smaller desktop humidor and slip that into a cabinet style humidor. A humidor inside a humidor!

The only reason I am suggesting this is why bother storing cigars in two different places? And by places I don't mean one is in the barn and the other is in your bedroom, I mean you open on humidified door and access all cigars.

Perhaps humidors of the future will have special 'areas' where flavored sticks can be stored without flavor interference with those snobby 1st classers :P we can enjoy the best of both worlds.


  • WaxingMoonWaxingMoon Posts: 328
    I think you're right, Robert..... The key to a good humidor is the seal as well as keeping the inside environment surrounded by spanish cedar. I've been thinking about building a cabinet style humidor for some time - and have been studying some of the techniques.... Maybe we should talk? I don't have the need for one, but it would sure be fun to build! I love working through the details. I should start drawing one up and see how it comes out on paper. I have tossed around the idea of building one with several drawers for just that purpose. But then again, the compartments would have to be sealed from one another and each have it's separate humidification system. In as much as you want to keep the flavors from permeating the rest of the stogies.... the resulting design would also cut the humidification from flowing..... It's all doable, for sure. Something like this..... imageimage Or if you're really ambitious, something like this... imageimageimage
  • rad1964rad1964 Posts: 190 ✭✭

    WOW, nice cabinets, a bit large for what I would be able to afford and want to smoke in order to keep it 3/4 full.

    I just downloaded sketchUp 7 and I will see what I can come up with. I love fiddling with web programs, it's what I do for a living. I also took a look at your web site, nice shop! And the few humidors you have made, look like jewels. Good job.

    I make websites and consult in the San Francisco, Bay Area for web sites. I smell a possible collaboration/trade possibility, in addition to cedar dust and cigar smoke.

    Let me know if you are open to this.

    I was going to contact Aristocrat Humidors about their website and a trade of sorts, but it seems more likely that you would be a better person to discuss this with.

    You can always Private Message (PM) me here. Or contact me me at [email protected] OR, if agreeable, we can keep the progress here in this thread or your blog.

  • rad1964rad1964 Posts: 190 ✭✭
    Sorry for the double post, despite this forums claims of a DELETE button, it does not work. RAD
  • rad1964rad1964 Posts: 190 ✭✭
    I like this drawer idea...

    maybe even have a cedar top that hinges up and is slotted 2 for each drawer side.

    Originally I was thinking a box at the bottom that slides out like a file cabinet, so that something maybe can be placed on top of it, without hindering the slide it out and flip the top open to view it because it now has a mini-frame work built over it.

    I did Download the free 3D program but decided to mock one up using photoshop, since I know the tools and can produce something that is understandable without the learning curve.

    I am not sure I was thinking beyond a very large end table, but... talk me into it if you want a larger project. Maybe you can design a humidor that can be blocked half off, allowing a smaller collection to accumulate to a larger collection over time. They say a humidor should be filled 3/4 full most of the time to retain the perfect rh. But then again I am no expert.

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