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taythegibstaythegibs Posts: 2,025
I guess its time for me to actually start posting in here as i finally ordered myself a birthday present, ive had a half a dozen bowls in the past, and the last two were less than stellar, the tobacco was horrendous! i currently only have a pipe that my buddy made me a few years back when he was trying to get me into pipes since that was his big thing, if i recall correctly it is made from maple with a bamboo stem with a light coating of wax on the outside of the bowl.

Along with the tobacco i ordered i also got a Missouri meerschaum cob, 3 in 1 pipe tool, and a pack of pipe cleaners. I also ordered the little pipa vanilla cavendish kit that comes with a cheap cob, i figured i could leave it in my work bag. Since i was at it i decided to order aa wide variety of tobaccos that i have heard good things about-

1-Peter Stokkebye Cinnamon 2oz
1-Peter Stokkebye English Luxury 2oz
1-Lane Bulk 1-Q 2oz (I am most anxious to try this one)
1-Lane Bulk TK6 2oz
1-Lane Bulk BCA 2oz
1-Lane Bulk BL/WB 2oz

close to a lb of tobacco and 2 cobs for my first order, i guess im just crossing my fingers that i dont end up investing as much in this as i have cigars, lol.


  • Amos_UmwhatAmos_Umwhat West TNPosts: 5,164 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Excellent start!
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  • The_buffalonianThe_buffalonian Posts: 987 ✭✭✭
    Just did the same thing too , expect I went with McClelland premium aromatics
    best of show
    town topic
    and I'm goin to try my hand at makin my own briar as well
  • taythegibstaythegibs Posts: 2,025
    After i find out more of what i like there are a few McClelland blends on my list to try. ive been tempted to pick up one of the briar kits ive seen online since ive done a good bit of woodwork in the past i doubt it would be too hard to get a halfway decent (for me) pipe out of one but i think i should decide if im really gonna get into pipes first.
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    You are off to a good start. Let us know what you like we can always give some suggestions.
  • I got some of that Lane 1Q stuff in the little pipe stater kit I picked up, It is pretty good stuff. Nice mild flavor and leaves a pretty good soft room note.
  • Just picked up a bunch of mason jars to store my pipe tobacco in. Now to go buy some pipe tobacco to fill them up XD
  • taythegibstaythegibs Posts: 2,025
    i just have mine in the ziploc baggies they came in and then i stuffed them in a plastic tub that has a decent seal.
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    i just have mine in the ziploc baggies they came in and then i stuffed them in a plastic tub that has a decent seal.
    This will work fine. You might even be able to keep it like that for 18 months or more if the seal is good. However, if you are wanting to store long term jars are the way to go.
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