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I had heard somewhere that it would be a good idea to open up a thread for the Cigar of the month Club discussion. First I would be curious as to how many of you guys out there are signed up? I would like to be able to post the cigars we get for each month on here to help promote the club, and in turn be able to discuss he cigars in the package. Let me know if y'all think this would be a good idea. -Matt


  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Don't belong to the Cigar of the Month Club, I prefer to make my own "samplers" from what I've read and the recommendations from fellow herfers.
  • kaveniuskavenius Posts: 46
    I belong to the club, and so far it's been great. My philosophy: rather than getting busy with life and work, I will let keep my from getting complacent by sending me new cigars once a month! Works for me!
  • pilot711pilot711 Posts: 176
    I have really enjoyed the club. The cigars are all excellent and it is a good way to try different cigars you might not purchase otherwise. I also really enjoy the 10% discount on all my other purchases at ccom.
  • golfcigarjunkiegolfcigarjunkie Posts: 61
    I have belonged to the club for years and I would recommended it. You get great cigars that for a very reasonable price. It is a great way to sample cigars! It is like getting a PIF every month (you never know what you are going to get.)
  • jihiggsjihiggs Posts: 468
    I was in the cotmc for about a year, it was fun but money got a little tight and my cigar consumption slowed so I dropped out. only complaint I have about the club, one month they had a top brand sampler or somthing like that, it had a macanudo in it. I was actually a tad bit insulted.
  • CrimthannCrimthann Posts: 37
    I've been pretty happy with the club & I've been a member for about a year. It gets me to try cigars that maybe I normally wouldn't have purchased.

    This month had all of Don Pepin's cigars in it. 2 from the JJ Series, 1 Cuban Classic, 1 from the regular line, & a 5 Vegas Miami cigar.

    Last month had a Graycliff Double Espresso, a La Aura 1495, and i don't remember the last 3 (that sheet is at home)

    February had a Cohiba Red Dot, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Fonseca Habana, and a 5 Vegas Classic.

    so for 30 bucks it's really not a bad deal. I've gotten Gurkahs, Graycliffs (as you see above), Ashton VSGs, & other good smokes. Just be realistic when you sign up and don't expect to open the box and see a bunch of OpusX cigars hopping out at you.

    Another club that I just signed up for this month is the Cigar Dave Officer's Club on a recommendation from someone on the Eotac forums. Has anyone gotten smokes from here before? If so what are some of the ones you have gotten? If not I'll post next month what I ended up with.
  • For you members out there what were the smokes for April? i am also curious if I will get the April selection when I signed up about 5 days ago. Thanks for posting here guys, with a little effort we can make this a good thread that if the people at CCom monitor might help sculpt the quality of what is liked and disliked. For instance the Macanudo probably should never be put in another package ever. That being said I am sure they have to put it in every once in a while due to contract clauses and what not. -Matt
  • rickspinrickspin Posts: 4
    I joined when I first started smoking cigars. It was a big help as I got to try all kinds of different brands and strengths and had a full printed explaination of what I was experiencing. The guys at are the best when it comes to helping a novice get through finding his favorites. Tom helped me find some brands which are still my favorites today. I think most smokers will stop using the club after a while because you get to a point where you either find your own process for experimenting with brands or fall into a groove where you find your favorite five or six and stick with them.
  • shehanshehan Posts: 10

    I got into cigars about 3 years ago... was a real rookie and between the forums and at that time joining the COTM - I've gained a ton of knowledge and really had a chance to explore and see what types of smokes i like.

    I'm still a COTM member btw...

  • golfcigarjunkiegolfcigarjunkie Posts: 61
    I have never seen a macanudo in the COTM package the value of the cigars always exceeds what you pay for them bigtime. This month's selections were all from the Don Pepin and included: Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Maduro Beliicoso Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ, Sublime 5 Vegas Miami Torp Don Pipin Garcia Cuban Classic, 1979 Don Pepin Garcia Blue Invictos
  • golf cigar junkie just told you what april was but, if it was your first cotmc bundle than you would have received: ghurka's: Titan, Beast, Legend curchill, and figurado, and another nice one, i can't remember which one. but none the less, its a freakin hot deal for just 30 bucks. you also get really cool e mail specials too. i've been doing it for 1 year and a month now. never looked back. i also own my own store too and it still is profitable to be in the club just for the heads up on new and cool smokes that are about to or just came out. Chris
  • pilot711pilot711 Posts: 176
    Everything said is true. I really enjoy the club but don't forget about receiving 10% off all your regular purchases also. If you buy $300 in a month the club is basically free. $100 in a month the club only costs $20. With the sticks they normally include the $30 is well worth it. I guess what I am saying is it's a sweet deal!
  • LarryDLarryD Posts: 59
    I can't stand it any longer, I've wanted to do the club yet never did. Now I'm a proud member of the COTM club. I hope my wife doesn't freak when she see's that I paid for the year in advance!
  • pilot711pilot711 Posts: 176
    Nice Job! You will enjoy it. If you have one month that makes you unhappy I would be surprised. It's nice once a month to get a package of cigars in the mail that you didn't specifically order. I usually forget about it until the mail comes and puts a smile on my face. Nice to get something other than bills.
  • PKJHPKJH Posts: 11
    I enjoy it, it takes me out of my normal "zone" The newsletter with them is also nice, it's always a guessing game as to what is coming that month, I have yet to be dissapointed. Patrick
  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭
    The first month I received all Gurkha's. A Beast, Titan, Centurian, and two Legends. I would probably never pay the regular $25.00 price for a Titan but it was in the package. I am letting it sit for the right occasion. I would say try it for a couple months and if your not happy you got some premiums at a great price. kasper
  • faustinofaustino Posts: 3
    I liked last month selection of Don Pepin, particularly the JJ series. Will be getting the DPG sampler soon.
  • shehanshehan Posts: 10

    This months COTM is PERFECT.  I've been watching those NUB's...   great 6 pack sampler of them this month.

    THANKS CIGAR.COM...   its going to be a good weekend.. :-)

  • pilot711pilot711 Posts: 176
    Yep, the Nubs have arrived. These are tough decisions. I generally let everything age a while but have been wanting to try these since they came out. To smoke or not to smoke that is the question. What the heck, SMOKE.
  • LarryDLarryD Posts: 59
    I like the nub, just having trouble getting used to the size
  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭
    I read that the 460 for example will burn with the duration of a Churchill. A cigar three inches longer and say a 48-52 ring size. That must be some dense tobacco in the nub. I have one of each resting now, I will start on them soon
  • LarryDLarryD Posts: 59
    They burn pretty long considering the length and have a remarkably easy draw. I haven't experienced one smoking as long as a churchhill though. I have a few in the humi maybe I'll pull one out and actually time it.
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,152
    Well I did it I joined the COTMC. I'm just pissed I didn't do it earlier and get the Nub sampler. Dammit. I'm becoming a big Nub fan. Or as the guys at my local tobacconist are calling it the "New-Bay"
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,152
    I got my first month last night. I'm not a big Gurkha fan but I'm hoping one or two of these might change my opinion.
  • I love the CotMC so far. I was first exposed to cigars last summer and have since been hooked, but with the hundreds (possibly thousands) of brands out there, the club is a great way for me to try things out (not to mention that the club is usually a lot cheaper than buying singles and you get the 10% on other purchases, too). Not to mention that, while I have definitely found a few that I'll probably fall back on for some time, I like the mystery of lighting up a new cigar and thinking "what's this one going to smoke like?"
  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    got the new CotMC package tonight...was pretty pumped. After my last cigar stealing fiasco this is my first new additions to my collection. I havent smoked in awhile as I've had no solid reason too...after all my smoking buddies have left college and gone elsewhere after garduation. So after enjoying some guiness I decided to walk home instead of drive (safety first gentlemen). I lit up the cusano 59 rare cameroon preferido. The walk was 6 blocks and i thought at first the cigar was extremely toothy with a difficult draw , but after i got past the taper the cigar really mellowed and I got some great flavors and the draw was perfect. Cant wait to try the others in this month's selection, but i think ill give them a rest ofr the time being.
  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭
    What else can we expect from the package. I won't be home until pretty late on Monday and will be thinking of that all damn day ! Don't leave me hanging..
  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    dunno if its cigar ettiquette to ruin the CotMC heres a *SPOILER ALERT*......dont read any further....if you dont want to know

    Graycliff 1666 Presidente
    Cusano LXI Sun Grown, Preferido
    Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon, Preferido
    Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, Churchill
    Cigar.Com Brazillian Label, Robusto
  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭
    Thanks.. I didn't think about the spoiler factor next time PM may be the answer. Sorry to put you in a delicate situation...
  • handypantzhandypantz Posts: 86
    yeah pm could of worked...I wasn't thinking obviously...anyway the cusano cameroon was excellent as I'm sure the other cigars will be too.
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