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LP9 and mold...

I check my humidor every few days, looking for obvious signs of mold, or to rotate cigars if need be, organize, etc...

well, today, i found 2 of my 2.5yrs old LP9 suddenly had blue mold pop up on the foot... not on the wrapper, not on my humidor's wood... just on the foot... clipped 1/4 inch off and no more mold... smoked em both too (double fisting. lmao), tasted just fine.

Humi always sits at 68-70% humidity, and hovers around 72F for most of the year... This mold was just straight blue, no green, no white, just straight blue and not too incredibly fuzzy either.

I have the foot saved from each stick, since I cut it off. Ill take pics in the AM as I'm beat and dont feel like dealing with it right now...

Should I pull everything and wipe the humi down? no mold before this, and I never noticed it before on these sticks... sooooo bummed out... mold at 68% humidity. fml.


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    danielzreyesdanielzreyes Posts: 8,769 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Same thing happend to me with a T52 about 4 months ago. Clipped off the mold and smoked it right away. My other sticks had no signs of mold. ( I keep mine at 65-68% ,150 ct humi.) I've been checking on them every single day since then. No signs of mold as of yet.
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