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Punch 10th Anniversary Rare Corojo

Bucking_WBucking_W TexasPosts: 208 ✭✭
I'm a Punch fan and have been for a long while, However I bought a box of the 10th Anniversary Rare Corojo. They have been sitting maybe for a month and decided to fire one up. Bleech!! first hit was very bitter, I tried to smoke it thinking it would get better but the taste was killing me so in the dirt it went. I'll let them sit longer and see what happens, pray they do get better. I checked out some reviews and of course everyone had a different experience fruity, nutty, leather blah blah blah but only one review had a bitter experience. Anyone else tried one?


  • Roberto99Roberto99 Posts: 1,077
    I tried one several months back with the COTM club. It had far and away the strongest white pepper flavor of anything I have ever had. I got no bitterness on it at all. Actually, I really liked the flavors I was getting except the pepper was too strong for me. I was wishing I had let mine sit for a couple of years.
  • Lee.mcglynnLee.mcglynn HahahahaaaaaPosts: 5,993 ✭✭✭✭
    Let them sit and round out for a bit then dry box them before you smokem
    Money can't buy taste
  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    I enjoyed this one myself. A bit surprising considering I'm not at all a fan of the original Rare Corojo.
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