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5 Vegas

RainRain Posts: 8,958 ✭✭✭
Anyone seen the deal on the main page? A box of 5 Vegas' for about 60 bucks. What do you guys think of the 5V? I've never had one, so I don't think I'll spring on it.


  • reggie713reggie713 Posts: 2,517 ✭✭✭✭
    i am a noob, so take this for what its worth, lol. i have had a bunch of the 5 vegas stuff, and if i didnt have about 10 of the A's and just bought 10 of the gold maduros (one of my favs right now) i would be all over that!
  • Lee.mcglynnLee.mcglynn Posts: 5,960 ✭✭✭✭
    Personally I think 5vegas is crap...I haven't had one I like yet and have given them a chance a few times too many. Even my buddy that barely smokes cigars hated it! I know that's not a great example but so far like I said I haven't had one I'd pay even $2 for
    Money can't buy taste
  • reggie713reggie713 Posts: 2,517 ✭✭✭✭
    and watch the sprint sale! always 5v stuff on there!
  • fla-gypsyfla-gypsy Posts: 3,023 ✭✭
    It is a decent low cost cigar IMO. I have smoked every blend but the newest one, I will get around to it. The AAA is better than average and I like the Relic, and Cask Strength II a little better than the original and A. The Gold is a nice mild cigar when you need one and the Gold Maduro is quite pleasant too.
  • MVW67MVW67 Posts: 5,587 ✭✭✭
    Like the 5 Vegas, Miami, AAA, Classic. Yes I do!:-)
    Life is too short, live it like no tomorrow...
  • VisionVision Posts: 7,596 ✭✭✭✭✭
    High Primmings and Limitada are IMO their best stuff. If memory serves correct Medic is the Limitada man.
  • MVW67MVW67 Posts: 5,587 ✭✭✭
    High Primmings and Limitada are IMO their best stuff. If memory serves correct Medic is the Limitada man.
    I have them all but haven't smoked any!:-) :-) :-)
    Life is too short, live it like no tomorrow...
  • RhamlinRhamlin Posts: 8,784 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I really enjoy 5Vegas. Love the A series, Cask strength, Miami haven't had the relic or higher primings yet. And I absolutely drool over a Limitada 2010.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    the A and the AAA are good. everything else is ok but i dont go out of my way to get it.
  • Steve2010Steve2010 Posts: 1,036
    The Serie A is OK, the AAA is much better.
    I just tried my first High Primings. Went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.
    Tastes like something AJ would blend.
  • Gray4linesGray4lines Posts: 4,691 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The Serie A is OK, the AAA is much better.
    I just tried my first High Primings. Went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.
    Tastes like something AJ would blend.
    I like the A a whole lot better! haha. I really dig the Costa Rican wrapper on those. It's a decent deal, maybe $10 - $15 cheaper than you can normally get them. I got a deal a while back on the A's and AAA's and I would recommend them/ buy again. I really like the box-pressed ones.
    LLA - Lancero Lovers of America
  • insomnniapbinsomnniapb Posts: 590
    I'm smoking my first 5 Vegas right now. It's a High Primings, and I must say it's pretty tasty.
  • jthanatosjthanatos Posts: 1,571 ✭✭✭
    I have enjoyed the golds in the past when I crave something milder. I currently have a limitada that was gifted to me by Mike in his crazy bombing spree. I haven't had one before, but it smells delicious.
  • jgibvjgibv Posts: 9,242 ✭✭✭✭✭
    and watch the sprint sale! always 5v stuff on there!
    +1 You can always find good 5V deals if you're patient.

    For the price, all 5V brands are a "good deal" smoke IMO. And they have enough lines so there's something to suit just about every taste.

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  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,472 ✭✭✭
    I like 5 Vegas, but they have a troubled past unfortunately.

    Jose Quincero was an immigrant that worked in a rural hotel chain in connecticut. He was mainly a maintenance guy that the boss man would order around and pay under the table for pennies on the dollar, but it was a living and he could send about half his paycheck home to his family in Mexico.
    Well after awhile of doing his job and not talking back the old boss took a somewhat liking to him, not in the "Let's be best buds and go grab a beer" but in the "I can trust you for you can fvck me over by talking about all the shady dealings that go on, but I can fvck YOU over by deporting your ass" kind of way. So the old boss told Mr. Quincero to go get him a woman. Jose knew that this meant a woman that the old man could have his way with, but he did it anyway and walked the streets to find a vulnerable woman that the old man could abuse and sleep with. Jose knew that this woman would get paid not only in money but in bruises and black eyes. For some reason, maybe as pennance later for his sins, Jose wrote down a description of each woman he brought in to the old man, but to not incriminate the old man or himself he wrote in code. White women were sheep, black women were coffee and etc... He had code for every kind of woman
    This went on every once and awhile for a few months, but after some time the frequency was sped up by the old man's ****. It went to every weekend, to every other day to finally, the hotels were in disrepair because 100% of Jose's time was finding women and leading them to their imminent sexual beatings.... He was very conflicted for he knew it was wrong, but he had a one-legged son at home that needed the pesos.
    Finally one day the old man asked for something crazy... He asked for a VIRGIN to have his way with... Now Jose knew that he couldn't find a streetwalker that was a Virgin so he had to be creative to find a Virgin. After searching long and hard to not disappoint his boss he finally found a runaway girl that was a virgin and he sweetalked her into coming home with him, it was almost easy for him for he had all the right lines and moves from the previous hundreds of girls, but he knew this innocent girl was about to be abused.
    Well the old man was pleased with the virgin he found, and Jose was a product of his success for now the old man ONLY wanted virgins... The old man would wait days for when Jose could find a virgin. Either on the college campus, the local coffee shops or ANYWHERE he could, for his little crippled son needed the money. After FOUR virgins had been "collected and served" to the old man Jose was a mental wreck... It was hard for him to bring in girls to be deflowered and abused and he was torn.
    Then the worst thing happened, one day, while distraught on the street a lovely woman showed compassion to Jose. She understood he was upset and she showed him a kindness the likes he had not seen since he was back home in Mexico. Jose truly thought he found a friend! As they got to talking about her moving to a new city and not having any friends she joked that she was a virgin.......... Jose went numb..... It was either desert his family that desperately needed the money, or betray the only person in America that showed him kindness. He chose his family and led the girl to the old man. He was sick to his stomach when the door closed and he knew what was about to happen to the girl.

    For the first time Jose stayed to listen, for he couldn't bear to leave her, even if he was on the other side of the door. He heard the old man talking, he heard raised voices and he heard the woman scream! Then there was silence.... then a low rustling noise was heard, Jose knew that the old man was finished and he wept.

    Jose began to fill with rage... all the women, all the horror all those that he betrayed rushed over him like a river of fire! He ran into the room with a fire poker and began swinging on the old man, it was dark but the moon gave way to a shadowy figure and all the rage and pain came rushing out. Jose swung and swung until he could not lift his arms... It was over, no more pain... no more suffering.

    Just then the fireplace danced in the room and Jose noticed that the old man was glimmering in the firelight, so he went closer to see how much blood was reflecting off the old mans face... when he turned on the lights he shuddered in horror to find that the woman who befriended him had actually defeated the old man, he had a broken lamp near his head, and the spot where Jose was standing had the woman, beaten to death at his feet......... All his rage built up to killing the only person he knew as a friend........... Jose was crushed.

    Later that night, trying to work through the pain, Jose packed his belongings and rooted the old mans safe and found quite a bit of money in it... He decided to take the money and go home to his family.

    Month's later a distant Jose was back with his family and had extra money in his pocket from the old man, his family knew he was changed, but loved that he was back. He decided to take the extra money and start a business.... He wanted to make cigars, no people involved, no psycho bosses and he could work in the field all day and try to forget about America and killing his one friend......

    Jose found solace in the fields and was beginning to be proud of his better life and tried to put the past behind him. When the crop was ready to be rolled his one-legged son came up to him and said:
    "Papa! I found this bloody ledger notebook in your room, it has a bunco of numbers and codes on it what does it mean?"
    Jose forgot all about the ledger of the women he kept for the old man, but he turned to the last page that was blood stained with drips and fingerprints and the lone page just had his code for the fifth Virgin he brought the old man "5 Vegas"......

    Jose teared up and his son asked him why he was crying, Jose just looked down at his crippled son and said:
    "Son, this is the name of our new cigar.... the 5 Vegas....."

    Thus began the brand....... lest we never forget.
  • mmccartneydcmmccartneydc Posts: 3,407 ✭✭✭
    So what I am gathering is that if I buy 5 Vegas, the family of a man that abducted women to be raped will gain the proceeds? Thanks, now I gotta get rid of all my 5V's! LOL!
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