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Filters or not

sms419sms419 Posts: 21
Complete noob to pipe smoking. Looking to get into it. been reading a lot on the subject. Been trying to figure out the filter issues. Which pipes use them and dont? Also do some pipes rquire them or can you just use them or not?


  • I have a couple cob pipes that are filtered. I like the way Burley's and English tobaccos taste out of a cob. However, I leave the filter in my "Burley" cob but take it out of the "English" cob. I have one filtered briar pipe - a Brigham 3-dot. Brigham's have a maple filter insert. I smoke VaPer's out of my Brigham and I don't notice any degradation in flavor of the tobacco. The filter is a little extra work to fuss with but I like it. The Brigham was a gift, and I love it, but I don't know that I"d buy another filtered briar pipe. I have a couple Boswell pipes, all unfiltered, I use both for straight Virginia's. If your tobacco is dry enough when you pack it, you most likely won't have the gurgling that the filter removes. I think that's 99% of why filters are in pipes, to take away the gurgle. Just my .02.
  • MarkerMarker Posts: 2,524
    I take them out. Personal preference and I like a more open draw.
  • Thanks for the insight.
  • J.S.J.S. Posts: 754
    I posted some basic information about filters in another place on here but for what it is worth, I would not use a filter pipe if you are not going to inhale.

    Here is the basic information on filters:

    There are two main categories of filters (1) pass-through (2) pass-around. The pass-through filters are what you would see in a Dr. Grabow or Medico. They are paper or paper/charcoal that are used to remove tar and N. Some filters use charcoal or silica gel as well. These come in the 6 and 9mm sizes usually from European makers but I think some US makers are doing this too. Most people who don’t inhale don’t like this type of filter as it reduces the flavor of the smoke. The filter can be removed but the way the air flows through without the filter the pipe will tend to smoke wet.

    (2) pass-around filters are usually made of wood (balsa or maple), and their whole purpose is to remove excessive moisture from the smoke. These filters may not affect the flavor of the smoke or so I am told. If I were going to play with a filtered pipe Savinelli would be the one I would use because you can get a 6 mm rod of material with a smaller hole down the center. This is inserted in the place of the filter giving a non filtered smoke without the air flow issues leading to a wet smoke.

    That is about it on filters in a nutshell.

    Filtered pipes are usually marked as such or the makers are known for using them (e.g., Dr. Garbow). If you were just looking for something to reduce the moister you might consider a Peterson with their patented system that keeps the moister level down and avoid the filter all together.
  • Yeah i noticed your post right after I started this should have looked before i posted.
  • jsnakejsnake Kansas CityPosts: 5,800 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Pipe guys I know say ditch the filter. I smoked my corncob with one just because it came with one. Stopped using them and all is well.
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