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CAO Gold Robusto

Got a CAO Gold Robusto (maybe it was a Dbl Rob.) I can't remember now. Gentleman (I say gentleman, but in reality he is younger than me) directed another BOTL towards above said CAO as being Mild-Medium with a ton of smoke. This interested me as I also like Mild-Medium smokes for the most part.

Off I go, with my newfound CAO. First CAO I have ever tried as well. Well, I did get two, one in the box, one in the hand.

Open her up (I assume it was a her, honestly I don't really know), clip the end off with my trustworthy Xikar, and go to lighting. Slow, turning her over and over in my hand. But alas, I get ahead of myself.

Good firm feel in my fingers, nice smell. Don't get me to trying to describe all the nuances of hay, hazelnut, etc... I'm still a noob. Back to the good part.

Slow, turning her over and over in my hand, warming up the foot, blow on the end just a bit, back to turning her over and over letting the soft flame lick at her foot. (I know, sounds corny. Sorry, been awake for 24, worked nightshift last night.)

Finally the moment of truth. To see if this CAO is truly a Mild smokestack. Puff, taste, blow out. Something wasn't right. Let's try again. Puff, taste, blow out.

I think I got about 1" into it before I had to toss it. Remember I mentioned her feet. Well it had a sour foot taste (don't ask me how I know what sour feet taste like, I just do.)

Anyone have any ideas? Still have the second one in the box will leave it alone for a bit to see if it was just a fluke... or...


  • ctschirgictschirgi Posts: 63
    Welcome to the forums. I am a CAO junkie. I don't think you can get many better cigars for the price. The sour feet taste you experienced is a common problem when you start smoking cigars. I used to say that I wished I was wealthy enough to only smoke the first couple of inches of a cigar and then throw it away. I believe that this is something Winston Churchill did. Anyway, the usual cause of sour feet taste is smoking too fast. Read some of the old hands on the forums reviews. Kuzi for example can make a robusto last 1.5 hours. Not all of us can match that slow of a burn, but my advice would.be to smoke slowly. Set the gar down, reflect on the day, talk to your friend, etc. Then take another puff and repeat This will cut down or eliminate the sour feet taste until only the nub remains.
  • Thanks for the advice and the welcome. ) I will let the second one sit for a little while before trying it. Haven't really timed my smoking other than it takes me about 30 minutes to smoke an AF Breva.
  • Gray4linesGray4lines KentuckyPosts: 4,681 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think bitter flavors can come through more easily on mild smokes too. Could be from smoking a little quick or a hot light. But I just had a Paul Gamirian, supposedly A pretty good mild smoke, that was just gross and bitter almost the whole way down, except for a spot in the middle. Sometimes, you just get a bad cigar.
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