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Cigar bar etiquette

Hey ya'll, hope that the Spring is treating you well.  I have a rather dumb question, but I'm not sure who else to ask.

There is a local cigar bar that I'd like to try out.  Is it considered to be bad form to bring my own sticks to smoke as long as I buy a beverage or two?  Not sure if they will have what I want at a price that I'm willing to pay.  I don't mind paying for alcohol as I don't keep it around the house (other than beer).  They have a membership, but it's not required to simply pop in and hang out (I"m guessing it gives you access to their humi to store your own stuff).

Thanks a bunch!


  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Welcome to the forum. In my opinion, bringing your own sticks wouldn't be the right thing to do, especially if you want to build a relationship. Granted the prices at your local B & M will probably more but all you need to purchase is one to get started. Consider the overhead the owner has to pay....besides what a great place to get away and hang out. You never know, getting to know the "boys" might bring you a lot more rewards.
  • phishermanphisherman Posts: 79
    While I agree that you should purchase tobacco realted items to support the cigar lounge; I will say that bringing in and smoking your own cigars would not be taboo. Many people like to age their cigars and keep them at a different rH than the shop may keep their sticks at. They also may chage a cutting fee for cigars that you bring in to smoke. So, smoke your own if you like; but also buy sticks from the shop to support them.
  • AVGeekAVGeek Posts: 7
    That's what I was thinking. I debated on bringing one of my own since I do like mine a little drier than normal (around 65%), although I wouldn't rule out buying one of theirs and pocketing it for later.  I'd definitely buy a drink or two.

    Thanks to all who responded.
  • i actually am in the process of opeing a cigar shop here in 2 months. and though i don't have historical experience as a cigar shop owner i do know how i feel now about it. i think, if someone brings their own humi into my shop and lights up, it would be nice if they would support the shop by buying something. i mean, thats just polite ya know. i don't take mcdonalds to burger king. alot of times i'll go to herfs and someone will bring something new or exotic and he'll bring some extra's for everyone to try and thats cool too. a cool thing about cigar shops is, its not just a business, its a family. don't bring dinner to your grand mamma's house if grand mamma has dinner goin in the kitchen. also, being a tobacconist is purely a postmodern art. its what you like and what works for you. so no cigar shop owner is gonna stop you from bringing in your own stuff, but they could, from that point on, look at you the same way they look at a cigarette smoker that lights up a marlboro in their lounge. happy smoking bro
  • nailsnails Posts: 18
    I start by buying one or two cigars but I always have one of my own to smoke if I choose to.Support your local vendor- is my standard answer.Usually a great place to try new cigars and get some feed back from others.
  • VinniumVinnium Posts: 12

    What is the easiest way to locate a cigar friendly bar, restaraunt or lounge in my city, or a city i will be traveling too. Thanks



  • phishermanphisherman Posts: 79
    Google. Unless you know a smoker in that city; it can be tough. The internet is your best frined to find a new place. Good luck in your search.

  • there are also great places that aren't exactly on the internet map too. like in your garage with all your buddies.
  • AVGeekAVGeek Posts: 7
    If we go we plan on buying a shot or two of something to support the place. Everyone should make a living.

    In the interim, my usual hangout is my back deck.  Wife put some flowers in and I've got a hammock and my grill out there.  Life is complete.
  • rickspinrickspin Posts: 4
    The few places I have available to me in my town have no real problem with bring in your own smokes as long as you but something from them. It's only right to support them as there are very few places to smoke indoors anymore. I usually end up buying some cigars (3-5) that I want to try and then go to my travel humi and smoke what I brought from home. That way, my local shop keeps their doors open & I don't feel like I stiffed them.
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